9 thoughts on “The Korg Volca Bass Sounds & Filter

  1. He has also reviewed Beats. They’re on YouTube. Looking forward to his Keys review. I think I need all 3. Was looking at MiniBrute and BS2 but at these prices, sounds and capabilities the Korgs make more sense.

  2. So, now how do I get a lot of Midi Cables out of my iPad to connect this Gadgets and use them as Sounds. Daisychaining is no Option obviously? Love the Sound of this one in Particular.

  3. Wow, so glad he spent 2 whole minutes explaining that the VCOs can be tuned. /s

    And when you play two “connected” notes, it’s called “legato” Marc, like omg, totally. 🙂

    1. He showed how they can be tuned, features are important in a synth demo. And legato, portamento, and glide are just different names for the same thing. Some people think they need to criticize everything…

    2. I think Marc’s demos are great because they are so inclusive and unpatronising. I learned a lot from his ms-20 videos. I wish korg would hurry up with these things.

  4. You’ll need a midi splitter (4 way) such as one of these at sweetwater

    I’m not sure id trade in a full synth for a volca has. It has it’s limitations to be sure. An ovation bass station 2 has got it all over the volca bass.

    But I can see myself using the volca bass a lot more than my patty, or any other full sized synth, purely for its portability.

    Marc’s last video for the bass filter was a bit over the top. I’d have preferred he walked through how the cutoff and envelope work together, than all the mooning over the sound. I do love his enthusiasm though!

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