WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm Lets You Quickly Access Ten Quadrillion Rhythmic Patterns

liquid-rhythmWaveDNA has announced a major update to its Liquid Rhythm beat generation application, introducing new MIDI sequencing and editing tools for creating and remixing drum patterns.

Liquid Rhythm is designed to shorten the time you spend composing or searching for the right rhythm. It analyzes MIDI data and suggests complementary beats.

Liquid Rhythm’s newest software update lets you quickly access ten quadrillion rhythmic patterns, import pre-existing MIDI tracks and mine a huge library of loops and kits to quickly and easily create rhythmic compositions.

Here’s a video demo of Liquid Rhythm in action:

Here’s what’s new and updated in Liquid Rhythm:

  • New: Ableton Live users can use Liquid Rhythm’s MIDI sequencing and editing tools directly in Ableton Live clips via a Max4Live patch. Seamless integration between the software applications improves production workflows.
  • The Music Molecule is a new way to represent MIDI. It uses color-coded patterns to group together and show relationships between notes. This provides the power to access and edit multiple notes simultaneously.
  • New: Intelligent Randomizer: Create drum tracks and fills by generating combinations of rhythm patterns from a library of presets.
  • New: BeatBuilder: In a single click, populate multiple bars with the beat of your choosing from palettes of rhythm patterns. Easily experiment with variations using a sequencer that swaps individual notes with clusters of notes. Instantly switch to a shuffle, double-time, or half-time feel.
  • Molecule Maps allow users to build beats in one or two clicks.
  • Updated: Accent Modifiers allows users to adjust the velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously according to the Music Molecule’s color-coded accent patterns.
  • BeatSeeker gives users the ability to find and use rhythm patterns that are common in specific genres.
  • New: ReGroover instantly rearranges groups of notes by switching underlying accent patterns to discover and explore new musical ideas.
  • BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer creates and remixes drum tracks by exploring an extensive list of pattern variations across a bar of music.
  • Updated: In-Line Molecule Editing gives users the power to edit MIDI notes directly in the arranger. Music Molecules are updated in real-time around all note edits.

Liquid Rhythm is VST/AU/RTAS compatible and works as a plugin or standalone software on Mac & Windows. It comes with a large Media Library of percussive samples, drum kits and loops, and allows users to import custom samples.

Liquid Rhythm is priced at US $129. A 30-day Free Trail Version is also available.

11 thoughts on “WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm Lets You Quickly Access Ten Quadrillion Rhythmic Patterns

  1. ten quadrillion rhythms, all in 4/4 with 16th notes. I’m glad all that horse power isn’t being wasted on any other meters. Ok, maybe they have other meters now. But would it kill them to show something interesting in the demo, rather than playing something we could make with a 505.

  2. Cool, buttttttt…. based on that video, $129 is way too much money for what it seems to do. If they could create another video where they use (for example) one of the NI, BFD or Superior Drummer sets that have a large dynamic range, a realistic feel and are capable of creating an assortment of grooves that sounds more like a human performance (which I would then want to resample) THAT would be impressive and worth my money. I have other ideas that would make this even more ridiculous, but yeah… Cool concept!

    This makes it seem too arbitrary and random. Not enough focus on the musicality or the musical applications that are possible in software like this.

  3. anybody use this, and give constructive feedback. 30 day demo’s rarely let you find out the long term uses and pit falls of such apps.

  4. First of all it sucks that it is only for Abelton Live, because the company is loosing out on the other DAWs that are just as big, and second real drums are always better that this, but If you can’t play a drum beat to save your life…….. this is still cool.

    1. “Liquid Rhythm is VST/AU/RTAS compatible and works as a plugin or standalone software on Mac & Windows.”
      You don’t even need a DAW or any other plug-in host to use it. It’s just that they integrated it especially well with Ableton Live.

  5. Sad how there seems to be a dozen products trying to be the Oberheim Drummer/x.

    Too bad Gibson killed the perform/x series since each one of them would be a good seller these days.

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