Suit & Tie Guy Live Set At Knobcon 2013

Sunday Synth JamEric Williamson, aka Suit & Tie Guy, is probably best known as the creator of the STG Soundlabs line of Moog-style synth modules. But he also is active as a live performer and organizes the Knobcon synth convention.

This video captures what happens when Williamson’s various guises meet – a live Suit & Tie Guy synth jam at Knobcon 2013, on his massive modular system.


10 thoughts on “Suit & Tie Guy Live Set At Knobcon 2013

    1. It used to be that players would always have to retune their minimoogs on the fly! Listen to some old prog records and there’s a good chance you’ll hear some questionable tuning, too!

      I like that S&TG’s jam session had some slow sections and a few warts – when things are too perfect, you realize it’s all being sequenced. Last Tangerine Dream show I saw, it seemed like it was all ‘pressing play’ but with sequencers instead of a DJ controller.

  1. Is it just me or is that wine-glass by the Juno upsetting anyone else?!

    Lovely piece – especially with the odd mistake here and there – makes it nice and human.

  2. I could listen to several more hours. The flute was a great addition.
    Love how Eric has a gazillion synths, but no mic set up to talk to the audience.

  3. I really enjoyed this … I liked the real time “in key” sequencing. (.. Not so keen on the flautist fa-looting… )

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