An Interview With Synthesis Technology’s Paul Schreiber

Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist, has gone down the rabbit hole of modular synthesis and is now ‘obsessed’ with his Eurorack modular.

In this audio interview, Chesler talks with Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology, creator of the MOTM line of large format synth modules and a line of Eurorack modules. Schreiber has been designing and building modules for years and has been a key figure in the renaissance of modular synthesizers.


Enjoy a one hour Wire to the Ear interview with Paul as we discuss Chris Randall, MOTM, an $18,000 home stereo, the end of Blackberry, Tandy Radio Shack, the power of digital, patents and stealing designs, Eurorack power issues, the upcoming E370 Quad Morphing VCO/E371, E102 Digital CV Processor/Quad Temporal Shifter and what would Paul eat as his death row meal.

via wiretotheear

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  1. It’s too bad that Paul stopped making the large-format modules. I was kind of interested in some of his later modules but they were pretty expensive and he stopped making them before I could afford any

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