Modular Row Modules Let You Snap Together A Monster Synth


4ms has announced a new case solution for Eurorack synths – Modular Row Modules.

Each row is an independent Eurorack case and can be latched together to form any size or shape system you need. Table top. Vertical wall. Console style. Angles and curves.

No screwdrivers or tools are needed – you just snap the rows together and add angle pieces and support legs where you need them.

Here are the details:

  • Connecting Rows
    • Each Row Module can be a stand-alone unit
    • Rows connect directly to each other with built-in latches (no tools required!)
    • Angled connectors allow for 30 and 45 degree angles
    • Support legs screw onto any Row
  • Specifications
    • Row Modules come in two sizes: 2″ deep or 3″ deep
    • All-metal construction, and light weight (about 2.5 pounds)
    • Plain aluminum sides, or a variety of colors/finishes will be available (powdercoated colors, anodized black)
    • Wooden end caps and angle pieces will also be available
  • Power
    • Available with busboards, flying bus cables, or without power
    • Barrel plug jack on the side of each row, or on a 4HP panel. For vertical configurations, 4HP panel can be mounted to the rear.
    • Two barrel jacks on each row allow for daisy-chaining and/or directly powering each row
    • Compatible with the 4ms ultra-isolated power system (forthcoming).

Pricing and availability info are to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Modular Row Modules Let You Snap Together A Monster Synth

  1. One thing that these racks do that no other racks do is make racking up your modular synthesizer fun. Fun in electronic music is underrated so I think these are awesome!

  2. This looks really neat. I am looking for something like this. It’s good that there is more variety when it comes to cases for Eurorack systems. As it is there is still too little choice compared to how many different, say, filters or VCAs you can buy.

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