Because ‘Whorehouse Piano’ Is Sadly Lacking In The Theremin Repetoire

More Theremin goodness from Rob Schwimmer. Here, he’s playing a song by Beck [Hansen, yes, the two-turntables-and-a-microphone Beck], “Why Did You Make Me Care.” The performance was at the NY Theremin Society concert back in September at Joe’s Pub in NYC.

Schwimmer says: “Beck released sheet music, but no definitive recordings of these pieces so everyone could make a version of how they think it should/might go. I chose to go with a tango/whorehouse piano backing track that I recorded being that whorehouse piano is sadly lacking in the theremin repertoire… Played on the incredible H. Whipple Abbott RCA theremin from 1929! 84 year old electronics!”

Also, Schwimmer is right; whorehouse piano is sadly lacking in the Theremin repertoire. We had not considered that important detail until that was pointed out to us.

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