Tronsonic Releases The ‘Ultimate String Synthesizer’, Solino String Proto Ensemble


Tronsonic has introduced Solino String Proto Ensemble for Kontakt 5, a new software synth that they describe as ‘the ultimate string synth’:

A recreation of an imaginary EMINENT SOLINA STRING ENSEMBLE ‘PROTOTYPE’ – perhaps found in the basement of the old Eminent factory in Holland.

Sampled from the original MARK1 version (with ensemble effect always ON).

You can configure the ultimate string synth, with as many combinations of any of the 6 instruments as your computer can handle, and adjust the keyrange and controls for each individual preset.

Here’s a video preview:

Solino String Proto Ensemble is available via the Tronsonic site.

2 thoughts on “Tronsonic Releases The ‘Ultimate String Synthesizer’, Solino String Proto Ensemble

  1. Finally a Solina Emulator that sounds like a Solina…
    I would never gig with my original solina,nice to finally listen to a close emulation…
    the possibilities of using this as a kontakt instrument would be pretty cool!

  2. This does sound really good. That 70’s string synth sound is hard to beat – it’s hard to find a current synth that doea a string synth sound that’s as thick and tasty as those vintage beasts. Too bad they’re big, temperamental and expensive!

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