How To Hook Up With An Arturia MicroBrute (Sneak Preview)



Details continue to spill out about the still-to-be-announced Arturia MicroBrute.

In case you were wondering how you could hook up with this analog minisynth, this leaked photo shows the MicroBrute’s backside connectivity options, including:

  • Pitch Out
  • Gate Out
  • Gate in
  • Line Out
  • Headphone
  • Audio Input
  • USB

The CV Pitch and Gate out should make the Minibrute an interesting new option for modular owners. It looks like the MiniBrute not only can be used to play other CV gear, but it’s got a modular patch matrix and the ability to sync its sequencer to your other analog gear.

Official specifications are to be announced.


6 thoughts on “How To Hook Up With An Arturia MicroBrute (Sneak Preview)

  1. Looking like a tight piece of kit with the volcas! Really loving how these new affordable analog synths are taking note of customers hacks/mods and are nicely interfacable for a variety of applications. Christmas with Arturia for sure!

    1. The MiniBrute does this as well, right? Looks like it in the specs but do you know if the USB connection on the Mini and the Micro are used in the same way?

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