Sinevibes Intros Multitude, The ‘Most Sophisticated Delay Plugin The World Has Ever Seen’


Sinevibes has introduced Multitude, a new AudioUnit delay effect plugin for Mac that they describe as “the most sophisticated yet the most fun to use delay plugin the world has ever seen.”

Here’s what they have to say about Multitude:

A conventional delay constantly processes and echoes all of the audio on the input. Multitude uses gate sequencers to control sends into four individual delay lines, allowing you to activate them at precise moments in time.

Want a delay only on that particular note, chord, or hit? With Multitude, you can do this. And so much more.

Multitude features a highly visualized, color-coded user interface that has been calibrated for both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Thanks to extensive use of OS X Core Animation and Accelerate frameworks, it provides an unusually smooth, delightful user experience – and at the same time, efficient internal processing.


  • Four independent delay units with forward and reverse playback modes.
  • Five gate sequencer tracks for dry input signal and four delay sends, eight separate sequences storable per preset.
  • Eight simultaneous effect processors per delay unit: frequency shifter, sample rate and bit depth reducers, circuit bender, noise, multi-mode filter, saturation, and flanger. Effects can be placed before, after, or inside each delay’s feedback loop.
  • Two separate low-frequency oscillators per delay unit, each with 16 modulation destinations, multiple waveforms, and adjustable chaos feature.

Multitude is available now for Mac OS X for US $59. See the Sinevibes site for demos and more details.

11 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros Multitude, The ‘Most Sophisticated Delay Plugin The World Has Ever Seen’

  1. Impressive! I can immediately see several places where this could be used to awesome effect. It also makes me again consider the line between a fascinating toy and an actual musical instrument like an organ. I’ve been diverted by the WOW! factor of some things and idly spent probably too many hours just effing around. I would not say they were totally wasted, because every involved hour at it builds muscle, but I also don’t want to let my tools lead me around by the nose.

    In my work-view, this would “have to” become my go-to delay because of its broad range. It’d be uberkill for me, as I have Delay Designer in Logic, which compares favorably with Multitude. That said, you have to admire a new tool that immediately makes you think of three or four inspiring uses. I’m sure quite a few loop-minded types and sci-fi music lovers will love it. I hope it starts appearing in enough rigs to make it profitable. Damned fair price, too.

      1. I could go for a little payola once in a while. I need some new stuff. I also like going against the grain by not crapping on every new post. 😀

  2. Here’s one problem with Sinevibes plugins: they eat a lot of CPU for no apparent reason. Multitude and Torsion can easily eat 25%-30% of your CPU on an Intelmac 3ghz (2011). Another problem for me, pretty much all their plugins sound like their first release Turbo; if you like the sound of “enriched with lots of new spectral content using a wave transformer”, then you’ll like Sinevibles plugins. Cheers!

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