Arturia MicroBrute Jam Session

Sonic State’s Nick Batt was first out of the gate with an Arturia MicroBrute review – and now he’s unleashed a raw MicroBrute synth jam.

While Batt says ‘love’ may be too strong a word for what he feels for Arturia’s new analog minisynth, it’s clear that he’s ‘in like’ with it.ย 

Here’s what Batt has to say about his setup:

MicroBrute into Audio interface, live plugin from Logic Pro (tape delay) and some Square wave LFO pitch mod got me lost in this synth for a few minutes.

via sonicstate

11 thoughts on “Arturia MicroBrute Jam Session

  1. I’ve always wanted to get into modular synths and I feel the microbrute will be a great springboard into it. I can already envision having a few LFO modules for this and starting from there.

    1. Yeah, you’re right to see this as a great intro to modulars. It has a lot of what you need to get started and will play with other modules really well. Have fun going broke! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You would probably have to build your own faceplace, but it runs on 12v rails, like Eurorack, so at least that part is taken care of.

  2. Damn – first the review and then this. Thanks Sonic State, until yesterday I was quite convinced that I would not buy a new synthesizer anytime soon ๐Ÿ˜€

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