STEIM Cracklebox Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a synth jam by reader Rene Splinter that features the relatively rare STEIM Kraakdoos (or Cracklebox) with more traditional synthesizers.

The video begins with a demo of the Kraakdoos by Splinter. His track, Modern Ruins, starts at about 3:34. 

The Kraakdoos, known to many as the Cracklebox, is an experimental electronic music instrument created by Michel Waisvisz and others at STEIM (STudio for Electro Instrumental Music) in Amsterdam. The instrument is designed to be played with the fingers directly on the circuit board, completing connections and ‘controlling’ unstable oscillators.

“Those who are familiar with this instrument know that it’s quite hard do control,” notes Splinter. “It responds to the conductivity of the human body, as the instrument uses the skin to close it’s circuits in order to make sounds. It would probably respond very different to each individual.”

Along with the Kraakdoos, Splinter plays Moog Rogue live, as well as some piano parts and a riff on the Kawai K5, doubled with the Kurzweil K2000RS, via MIDI.

via Rene Splinter

5 thoughts on “STEIM Cracklebox Synth Jam

  1. very nice track, it has an uncommon but natural flavor. Craclebox, because of its unpredictableness, reminds me of the voice of the little baby.

  2. The cracklebox is what takes this track from just another a nice synth song to something weird and interesting where you (and perhaps the performer as well) never know what is going to happen next!

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