The Bleep Drum + MIDI Drum Module


Bleep Labs has released the Bleep Drum + MIDI, a new version of their Bleep Drum module, with full MIDI control.

Now you can trigger the four samples, toggle noise and reverse modes, as well as change the pitch of all four samples with any device that can send MIDI.

Retrofit kits are also available to upgrade any previous Bleep or Dam Drum.

Here’s a demo video of the new Bleep Drum + MIDI in action:

The Bleep Drum is available in several versions, DIY & prebuilt.

If you’ve used the Bleep Drum, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “The Bleep Drum + MIDI Drum Module

  1. I have the original Bleep Drum and use it as a drums module for my eurorack. It was very easy to build (the step by step tutorial is extremely well done) and the extension for the modular is straightforward, which was my main reason to buy it. The samples are what you would expect from an 8bits processor but they fit nicely with my music. They have a tool on their site to use your own samples but I haven’t tried it. Since I already own a Volca Beats, I’m not really interested by the Midi upgrade.

  2. Hey, Phildcm, do you have any schematics or links for adding the bleepdrum to your eurorack? Wanna build a sequencer that triggers beats and this would be exactly what I need…

    1. Unfortunately no, but it’s very easy :
      -download the bleep drum manual
      -on the last page, there is a schematic of the extension connector
      -identify the trigger red/green/blue/yellow pins. They correspond to the same coloured pad
      -to trigger the red pad, take a mono 3,5 mm female jack and link the ring to pin 1 (ground) and the tip to pin 7 (trigger red)
      -do the same for the other pads
      If you plug a gate from your modular, you will be able to trigger the corresponding pad.
      Don’t forget that, like every good drum machine, it triggers on the descending edge of the gate, so, you may need to convert it to a trigger (with a very short AD envelope, for example)
      Good soldering!

  3. I took a look at the user guide and it looks like you can use MIDI notes to trigger the pads and toggle reverse and noise mode. It doesn’t look like it will sync the internal sequencer to MIDI clock, which is frustrating.

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