Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer


Developer Anthony Henderson has introduced Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer – a modular sequencing app for the iPad.

This app is built to emulate the way analog modular synthesizer sequencing systems operate. The modules used in this app are basic building blocks for generating sequences. The sequences can range from simple to complex in a very intuitive fashion.


  • 4x 8-step sequencers, 2x clock dividers, 2x sequential switches, 2x logic modules and 2 independent MIDI outputs with optional sample and hold feature.
  • Each output jack can be routed to multiple inputs (aka stackable). Sequencers are adjustable from 2 to 8 steps and can be combined for interesting patterns.
  • Note, octave, velocity and gate length are available for each step. CV (pitch) and gates (or triggers) can be combined independently to create midi notes.

Here’s a demo of Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer in action:

Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used Spectre, let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer

  1. Unclear if this is restricted to its own sounds, or if it can drive other other synths on the same iPad (or external MIDI, for that matter). Looks cool tho.

  2. According to the manual on their website – http://sectionfourteen.com/media/pdf/Spectre_Manual.pdf – this app drives other synths: “…you need to have a midi connection to an external synth or DAW from your iPad ”
    The external clock mode button enables the Spectre Midi Sequencer to be clocked by an external DAW or other midi source. Unlike other apps that utilize midi clock ticks, this app uses a simpler and more effective approach. Simply choose midi channel 16 on a midi channel in your DAW (or other midi sequencer) and place a note on middle C (60) to clock the Spectre Midi Sequencer. You can place notes at 1/16, 1/8 or any pattern you want to use as a clock. Spectre Midi Sequencer automatically attaches itself to other midi sources, but you will need to make sure your iPad is attached to your DAW.
    If you are using a DAW to provide the external clock, most likely, you will need to offset the audio that is being triggered. Generally, this is done by creating two auxiliary channels in your DAW. One for external audio / midi sources and another for internally triggered audio sources.”

    I saw no evidence that it features its own sounds at all…which makes sense for a modular sequencer, yeah? Looks really cool, but…a bit over my head. maybe I’ll try it out anyway 🙂

  3. I hope this one gets updated, because it could be great.

    1. There’s a bug where the midi stops communicating between apps when you switch them, and it doesn’t start without restarting each app.

    2. I would love to see some basic workflow improvements, like hold down a button to pull up the note menu as opposed to a dedicated menu

    3. I would love to see CC sequencing. That would make it incredible.

    This is very unique for the iPad… in fact, there’s not even much like this short of building your own analog computer out of doepfer modules!

  4. Great sequencer but there’s no clock or reset infos being sent out, could be useful if you wanted to sync it with an other hardware sequencer

  5. This looks great, and is fun to play with… But no proper midi sync? This makes it less than useless. i can’t sync it with either my external gear or other ipad apps! The idea is great, but this incarnation is literally unusable.

  6. Really cool app to use with my modular hardware synth but it’s really buggy!
    It dosent respond to my touch so I can barely program it!
    I’m on an ipad 4 ios 7.0.4
    Update it please!!!!!

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