The Waldorf MicroWave XTk Digital Wavetable Synthesizer

This video offers a demo of the Waldorf MicroWave XTk Digital Wavetable Synthesizer. 

The Microwave XTk is a keyboard version of the Microwave XT, with 49 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, 44 knobs, 10 voices, 2 oscillators/voice, 2 multimode filters/voice, twin LFO’s/voice and an arpeggiator.

When SOS reviewed the MicroWave XTk in 2000, they said “Whether you need a harsh digital buzz, a deep filter squelch, a weird evolving pad or the strangest sound effect ever heard, the Microwave can serve it up, and in a way that is both distinctive to the ear and a pleasure to program.”

If you’ve used the Waldorf MicroWave XTk, let us know what you think of it!

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22 thoughts on “The Waldorf MicroWave XTk Digital Wavetable Synthesizer

  1. And in other breaking news, a company named Access is said to be bringing a synthesizer to the market with the name “Virus”….

    1. Same principle, different feature set and different basic sound. As you can hear from the video, the MW can be very harsh and dirty, but also very powerful. I have yet to hear software, that reproduces that distinctive sound.

  2. I remember seeing these in the stores back in old days when I could only dream of ever owning one.
    Having owned a MicroQ rack and currently a Blofeld Keyboard.
    I still long for one of these full size beasts, Warts and all.
    I know the Blofeld can do allot of the same sounds, but don`t get me started about apples and Oranges.

  3. My first and only hardware synth. I was and still am a digital synth fan. Bought it used for 1200$, sold it for 1200$ four years later. I stiill miss it sometimes…

      1. Everyone that I know that had one and sold it misses it a lot. Some have ventured into the realm of modular, and still miss it. I think that says a lot.

        1. count me as one of them. sold it as it was a gear or rent proposition unfortunately. have regretted it ever since.
          plan on re-acquiring as soon as some reasonable prices pop up on ebay again.

  4. i dearly miss my Microwave XT and look forward to the day when i can get another one used.

    of all the Waldorf synths, i truly think this one was the most unique sounding. The Q was a beast, the king of VAs really, but the XT was a beast unto itself.

    wish Waldorf would revisit this synth engine in another hardware unit.

  5. Such a cool sounding synth. Too bad it’s so friggin ugly! How does this happen so often? Stop letting your engineers design the graphics (or hire a better graphic designer)!

    The color pallet on this thing makes me want to puke. The font choice is tragic. And the rest is just goofy.

    1. that’s why you track down the black version.
      too bad they only made two black XTks, and i think trent reznor still owns one of them.

  6. I lusted after this synth when it came out. I was raking my neighbors leaves and shoveling snow in the winter to buy mine … Instant early NIN and synth pop sounds… Completely different sound than the Q and Blofeld. Really inspiring synth when you get to know it. God I regret selling that one. They are really hard to find used, and even harder to find in good condition. People tend to play the crap outta these.

  7. Hey there,
    I had a 30- voice version XT Version ten years ago and unfortunately had to sell it. By chance I got a mint 30-voice XTk two month ago. I would sell it to someone, who has more time to squeeze and twist it. Drop me a line, [email protected]

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