Analogue Solutions Polymath Paraphonic Synthesiser

Here’s a short video sneak preview of the Analogue Solutions Polymath Paraphonic Synthesizer.

Shown in the video is the step sequencer running a bass sequence in unison mode, and then later in POLY mode, playing 4 notes.

The Polymath offers 4x VCO, 2x LFO, Multimode Filter, 2x ADSR, S+H, RM, Noise, Multiples, Spring reverb, Analogue Sequencer, Arpeggiator, 4 chan. MIDI-CV, Mixer, gooseneck lamps, handle, wooden sides and more.

The company notes, “The Polymath is an amazingly deep and complex synth, so several videos will be required to demonstrate its many strengths. Stay tuned!”

See the Polymath site for more info.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of the Polymath!

8 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Polymath Paraphonic Synthesiser

  1. Interesting. I like the unison sound much better.

    It’s sad that in 2013 companies are releasing paraphonic analog synths because the chips required to build affordable polyphonic analog/hybrid instruments are no longer available (well, unless you’re Dave Smith and have a stockpile of final-run CEM devices).

  2. FOUR VCOs and no triangle wave, just all bright waves? Really? I can understand a triangle being useless in a single osc synth, but when you have multiple VCOs having a darker wave to pick out certain harmonics is essential, IMO.

  3. So how is the build quality – I’ve owned 2 AS synths (Leipzig & Telemark). Much preferred the sound of the Telemark but the build quality on both was NOT on par with anything else I have purchased in the +1K price bracket. Top of the Telemark was bowed and had a good 3mm opening (at the top) into which one could see the internal wiring staright out of the packaging box and the original Leipzig didn’t always have accurate midi tracking of pitch and was an unruly pig (but a loveable rogue none the less.
    However, i wouldn’t purchase one again based on passed experience and build quality.

    1. Get over yourself “OSKA”. Nobody is buying this load of crap and I’ve seen your same story in the forums over and over ad nauseam. Same slanderous drivel. Why do you continue to deliver this same line of excrement? You contribute nothing, and your intentions are clear. And in your line of work (I know who you are), this is borderline libel.

      All of my AS gear (modules and synths) have been top notch and I’m sure this one is no exception. I want a Polymath BADLY and I WILL have one!!!

  4. I’m looking to buy a Moog Voyager. But, the thing is, this; I like the idea of an English manufacturer. Basically, I need some reassurance on the build quality, service, longevity of parts (if ever a repair is required.) I have a budget of £3,500. I would much rather spend that amount of money with an indigenous company. So, I’m reading things like: Shabby quality control, lax attention to detail et al. Where can I obtain a price list? I really want to invest my hard earned cash into something worthwhile, reliable and not a piece of kit that’s bargain basement tut. I love the look and sound of AS kit. Analogue is, to me, all about being creative. Are there any tutorials? Kind regards. Paul.

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