iStomp Programmable Stomp Box Now More Affordable


SOS reports that DigiTech has repriced its iStomp FX pedal – a reprogrammable hardware effects pedal – cutting the price from about $150 to just $50. And, along with the hardware price cut, their 47 ‘e-pedal’ programs are now free.

Available e-pedals include overdrives, distortions, pitch shifters, delays, an acoustic simulation and even a Lexicon Hall reverb. The iStomp can be reconfigured via an iOS device using the iOS Stomp Shop App. Load up a new effect and the iStomp transforms into a new effects pedal. 

Here’s the official iStomp intro video:

Here’s a review video from when the iStomp was originally released, via SonicState:

It looks like retailers are still showing the original price – so it’s not clear yet how quickly the new pricing will be available at retailers.

Check it out and let us know if you think the more affordable pricing makes the iStomp a more interesting option for electronic musicians!

19 thoughts on “iStomp Programmable Stomp Box Now More Affordable

  1. That has got to be one of the weirdest and most interesting things I’ve seen in a while.
    I would have owned like 10 of these things back in high school.

    1. “along with the hardware price cut, their 47 ‘e-pedal’ programs are now free.”

      What would really make this interesting would be if they allowed third party apps.

  2. Nah…I think we’re still in that awkward in-between phase with hardware-iOS mashups. Having to switch out pedal programs is super clumsy – no working guitarist will want to fiddle with that on stage, or at home for that matter. The mature version of this idea will take the form of a pedal that already contains all of the algorithms. Your iPhone or device would merely control them, i.e., load up a signal string and set the levels. One algorithm per pedal is a waste of time.

    1. The Audulus developer, Taylor Holliday, raised the idea of using a modular synth app that would run on your computer or iOS device to create custom effects that you could load to a hardware pedal. That seems like it would be an interesting application of hardware like this or the open source OWL platform.

      1. Line 6 already has something like this, a DSP programmable stompbox you slot in modules for. In case you’re interested it is called ToneCore, and looks really cool but completely abandoned. It came out years ago but there is no activity on the site or forums.

        I’ve forwarded that to Taylor in case he is unaware of it.

        Thanks for the heads-up on this deal, Jim! I’m tempted to grab at least one to play with!

        1. Tim –

          Thanks for mentioning that – I’d forgot about the ToneCore. Looks like I was not the only one. Maybe an idea before its time?

          Taylor has some really interesting thoughts on this concept, but he’s also got his hands pretty full already…..

    2. To me this isn’t a permanent solution, but a cheap way to experiment. Insert a new effect in your signal chain and play. If it works, and becomes a fundamental part of your sound, buy a traditional version of the pedal.

      That said, if someone could hack this thing to load custom patches it would be so much more awesomer.

  3. it seems like a good idea… in theory. I’ve purchased a few iOS hardware items that my iPhone or iPad just didn’t recognize. (iRig MIDI, Alesis IO dock). I’d like to know if anyone has had any luck with this unit before I shell out the coin for it.

  4. £50 != $50

    In Germany the iStomp is now €59 at the usual online shops. You can’t run this thing on batteries, but apower adapter is included.

  5. I think this looks pretty cool. I would buy one at $50 but I don’t see anyone selling it at that price right now in the US.

  6. rumor has it that half of their staff was laid off and this seems a bit like a clear out deal. However, it might make a lot of guitar players happy being able to get a versatile unipedal at a great price.
    Hell, i’d rather go for the new eventide pedal, but there even 1 additional FX costs 100 bucks.

    All the best Digitech! P.s . maybe it wasn’t a great idea making fun of your competitor products
    in your childish Jamman express animation video and then not being able to deliver the product for months.. (just saying)

  7. Sounds like the product is dead and they are flushing existing stock. I put this in the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” category. When I used pedals years ago I never had a need to change the function of one. When I got that sophisticated I went to midi controlled rack mount effects.

    Another key problem is that you never know what the device currently is or what the knobs do because there are no labels. Imagine getting to a gig and having four of these all looking the same.

    1. “Another key problem is that you never know what the device currently is or what the knobs do because there are no labels.”

      There’s a slot in the front that you can slip a label into and they provide labels.

  8. I think this concept is both brilliant and practical. Now that DSP is up-to-the-task, the following qualities make this a good value. 1. Now the price is reasonable and includes enough effects to make it a good value. 2. It’s more rugged than some other devices that integrate with iOS. 3. Less obsolescent– for changing gigs, evolving needs, and newer fx, you can keep using the same box. 4. Stereo i/o and high impedance inputs. 5. four control knobs. 6. Digitech isn’t the worst effect company in the world.

    I don’t think you can put a 9V battery in it (but perhaps one could be used externally- limiting current to 150mA). Also, newer iOS users will probably need an adapter to lightning from the older iPhone connector. I wish there was a Control Pedal input on it. But yea, at $50, it seems like a reasonable option.

  9. Is the stomp compatible with new iDevices (iphone 5/5c/5s and ipad 4/air/mini)? i think the money drop could be related to new Lighting connectors on new devices.

  10. Any news on this? I’ve been hitting the big distributors out there and no one is showing a drop in price on the pedal itself. I downloaded the app and got the free pedals, but the hardware is still listing at $150 with a few places offering 3-packs for $299 (roughly $100 per pedal).

  11. I got one of these as a present . Works great with my partners iPhone 4S but it wont wont with an iphone 5 ….therefore ….its of no use to me unless I borrow her phone every time I want to change pedals.

    Very frustrating !

    If you’re still interested in getting one then try GAK in the UK as they had them for £50

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