14 thoughts on “Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy) Meets The Microbrute, Believes The Hype

  1. As much as I’m looking forward to the MicroBrute, this video is pretty terrible and doesn’t really show much of anything. It also seems like Mr. Shocklee is just throwing out bulletpoint highlights of what it does and isn’t really convincing. Just my opinion.

  2. How stupid do manufacturers think synth-users are? … it’s so obvious, when it’s a paid marketing stunt… more praise than actual fiddling with the synth, showing us what it can do (or not do).

    Yes, it might be a neat little and transportable analog synth, that actualy may sound good, but the more I feel I’m being “marketed” the more I loose interrest… sorry Arturia…

    Besides I’m not interrested in what it can do for OTHER musicians, but what it can do for ME… so show me what it can do, thanks! ;O)

  3. i love the idea of this synth but i got to try one today and it is so thin. so digital. a shame really. its fun to play with but i more than that i do not see the point.
    good price tho.

  4. Guys… I can’t understand why you don’t like this machine… I’ve bought one a few days ago and it’s total fun… if you need more sounds … CHECK this: http://youtu.be/cagbBg0TmgM
    If you’re still not convinced go into a shop and check it out yourself…
    But beware… it could be, that you get out with one of this small synths…
    (That was the case how i got it…) and I already own the big brother “Minibrute” I just wanted to check if that thing is different to it and if I need it…

    Have fun !!!

    Cheers TweakerRay

  5. Have to agree with Razmo. Seems a bit like, “Sure we’ll toss you a free one if you’ll give us a shout out!”. Probably a nifty piece of kit, but you would never know it by this video.

  6. you guys should be aware of this producers history before you go making your negative comments,Public Fkn Enemy.They are godfathers of modern found-sound music production.You can take every little bit of IDM ever made and it pales in significance to any P.E classic.

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