The Roland SH-2000 Analog Synthesizer

Here’s a quick look at the vintage Roland SH-2000 analog synthesizer (1974), via AnalogAudio1

The Roland SH-2000 is a preset monophonic analog synth with aftertouch. You can tweak the presets a bit with LFO and filter controls.

Sounds are Roland SH-2000 with reverb effects from a Lexicon MPX-500 and delay effects from a Roland DEP-5.

If you’ve used the Roland SH-2000, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

8 thoughts on “The Roland SH-2000 Analog Synthesizer

  1. This old beast is an instructive reminder that form determines function in design as much as the reverse. Look at all the room there is to explore sound. You’re not hunched over a mini keyboard trying to tweak from a scrunched console. All the space you need is there to take your time and really get lost in sound.

    A synthesizer is a space ship, not a Segway, innit.

    1. True, large keys. But it’s a preset machine with almost no tweak-ability. I’d rather get the Microbrute and play it with a larger keyboard (using midi.) Way more options to explore and get lost in.

  2. I had almost all of the SH series synths from the SH-3 up to the SH-7 and oddly this one was the fattest warmest sounbding of all of them. Not flexible at all, but fat.

  3. As far as the layout of the controls, it is reminiscent of the much panned Moog Satellite, preset switches along the front and the more “synthy” controls on top to the left. That is where the similarities stop. The SH-2000 would eat the Satellite alive in capabilities and versatility.

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