Berlin Sector, ‘The Softer Side Of The Bass Station II’

Novation-Bass-Station-IISunday Synth Jam: In this track, reader Daniel Davis (aka Carl Sagan’s Ghost) explores “the softer side of the Bass Station II.”

Berlin Sector is a sublime trip into classic Berlin School/space music territory.

The instrumental features two tracks of Bass Station II, recorded into Ableton Live 9, w/ reverb from the Zoom MS-70CDR and delay from the Digitech Timebender:

Davis notes, “The HD Reverb effect (on the Zoom MS-70CDR) is worth the price of the pedal.”

10 thoughts on “Berlin Sector, ‘The Softer Side Of The Bass Station II’

  1. You two sure do the little dickens justice. Its very enjoyable work that shows off how big the thing’s sound really is. I “hate” the compressed user interface on the BS2, but when Novation coined the term “liquid” a while back, it was an honest claim. Their synths really do sit in their own space. I’m going to wind up with a MiniNova yet.

  2. Wow – I’m totally impressed. These are two great examples of BSII sounds. I’m so glad I picked up a BSII, I just haven’t had much time to play with it but that should change soon! Keep up the good work.

  3. The BS2 I looks like a great synth – but it’s person behind the keys that really makes the difference.

    Davis did some MicroKorg tracks a while back that were just as good.

  4. Thanks AnalOG, I appreciate it.

    I love making music with things that many musicians don’t consider to be top of the line.

    In other words, you definitely don’t need a Jupiter 8 or Moog Voyager to make awesome music. 🙂

    I’ll take the Micorkorg vs. Jupiter 8 make-an-album challenge any old day. 😀

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