Echo Pad Lets You Use An iPad As A Real-Time Effects Processor


Swedish producer Foona reminded us about Echo Pad, which has received a some significant updates since we last covered it.

Echo Pad is a realtime Multi-FX processor, compatible with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (iOS 7). Effects include: Tape Echo, Oil Can Delay, Multi-Tap, Stereo Delay, Shimmer Delay, Smooth Filter, Decimator, Flanger, Distortion, Loopers and more.

Here’s a demo of Echo Pad in action with Inter-App Audio:


  • Supports Audiobus Effect, Input, and Output
  • Inter-App Audio compatible (effect node, requires iOS 7)
  • Stereo input and effects processing
  • Realtime analog style delay/looper
  • 18 Effects
  • 60 factory presets + save custom presets
  • Multi-touch XY control of effect parameters + stereo panning for expressive control
  • Automate effects parameters using the Motion Looper.
  • Sound on sound looper with feedback control for creating layered loops on the fly
  • Dual mini scratch loopers – record a loop, then scratch like a turntable
  • Universal app
  • supports iPhone 5 screen
  • supports Background audio
  • Works with headphones as well as most iOS and professional USB audio interfaces including:
    • Apogee Jam
    • Apogee Mic
    • iRig
    • iRig iMic
    • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (*requires USB hub)
    • Apogee ONE (*requires external power thru USB hub)
    • Apogee GIO (*requires external power thru USB hub)
    • many more
  • Sharing/Exporting:
    • Audiobus Effect, Input, and Output slots
    • Inter-App Audio compatible (effect node, requires iOS 7)
    • supports “Import/Export to AudioShare” functionality.
  • Loops and recordings created with Echo Pad can be exported directly to the AudioShare app for easy audio file management.
    • supports new AudioCopyPaste 2.0 for sharing loops and recordings made within Echo Pad, as well as playback and process pasted audio from other apps using Echo Pad in realtime.
    • recordings & loops are also exported to iTunes File Sharing for access on your Mac/PC

Echo Pad is available for US $3.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Echo Pad, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Echo Pad Lets You Use An iPad As A Real-Time Effects Processor

  1. And not only is this app great, it has been updated every month so far (sometimes even 2 times and up to 3 times a month) and constantly gets better- Thanks Holderness Media Inc!

    1. And it can model an early ’60s Miazzi Echomatic multiple-tap tape delay… look out Hank Marvin! These are truly wonderful times.

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