Live Performance With littleBits Synth Kit

This series of videos captures the live performances from the introduction of the littleBits + Korg Synth Kit.

The Synth Kit includes an assortment of 12 electronic Bits modules that snap together with magnets to create circuits like those used in KORG’s analog synthesizers. Modules included in the Synth Kit are power, oscillator (x2), filter, envelope, delay, keyboard, micro sequencer, mix, split, random, and synth speaker (which can connect to recording or live sound equipment).

In the video above, Nullsleep performs with the new littleBits Synth Kit, live at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Nov. 7th, 2013 for the littleBits Synth Kit Launch Event.

In the second video, Tadahiko Sakamaki and Tatsuya Takahasi from Korg (“Seth”) perform with the new littleBits Synth Kit. Paul Rothman, from littleBits, joins the duo at the end of the performance.

The final video captures Reggie Watts doing his thing with the littleBits Synth Kit.

See the littleBits site for more info on the Synth Kit.

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  1. Dang, that Reggie Watts is a monster talent. I can’t help but imagine what kind of ridiculous compositions that guy could come up with if he developed any of those ideas.

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