MC Oscilloscope – A Multichannel Oscilloscope For iOS


Developer Sascha Bienert has introduced MC Oscilloscope – a digital multichannel oscilloscope for your iPad or iPhone. In combination with an external multichannel USB-audio-interface, it is capable of displaying up to 8 channels (per source) simultaneously. It also includes a multichannel full scale level meter.


  • real-time waveforms of up to 8 channels (per source)
  • compatible with external USB-audio-interfaces (e.g. Alesis, RME Fireface) and stereo microphones (e.g. TASCAM, Røde)
  • add additional sources via Audiobus
  • select channels of sources
  • automated calibration routine
  • source display modes: separate channels, combined, sum
  • languages: English, Deutsch, ???????
  • Oscilloscope features:
    • real-time peak display and peak-to-peak measurement
    • automatic trigger mode
    • pinch zoom and cursor magnifier
  • Level meter features:
    • response time modes: impulse, fast, slow
    • peak indication

MC Oscilloscope is available now in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “MC Oscilloscope – A Multichannel Oscilloscope For iOS

  1. Would this be suitable for a test scope for electronics projects? Does anyone know of a good DIY project that would provide an interface (buffer?) between an electronics project and the audio interface– i.e., to protect it from problematic voltages, impedance, etc. ?

    1. Depend of your aim, if you build audio stuff and want to visualize the signal in different point it might be enough.
      But let’s say you build a midi controller and start using digital logic to attach more bottons using less pins using some shift registers or have to deal with interchip comunication like spi or i2c, this oscilloscope will never be fast enough to check everything is going the way you want.
      So papernoise holds the truth here…

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