Universal Breath Controller Offers USB-MIDI + DIN MIDI Connections

universal-breath-controllerTEControl has introduced the Universal Breath Controller – a new MIDI breath controller that offers both USB-MIDI and true MIDI interfaces.

TEControl’s breath controllers are designed to let you add realistic expression to electronic music performances. According to the company, the controllers give you ‘excellent control of volume, expression, velocity cross-fade etc… of soft synths and sample libraries’.

Since it transmits the same MIDI messages on both the USB MIDI and the MIDI DIN outputs, the UNI MIDI Breath Controller can be used with a computer, a synth/keyboard or both at the same time.


  • Software configurable min/max input and out ranges, sensitivity, MIDI channel and MIDI CC, Pitch bend or Aftertouch
  • Save and load your presets
  • Insensitive to ambient pressure
  • Full resolution for all input ranges (MIDI 0-127)
  • Firmware upgradable for future enhancements
  • USB-MIDI class compliant, Plug&Play out of the box on Windows and Mac
  • Powered by the USB connector – a regular USB charger (not included) can be used for standalone operation with a keyboard/sythesizer
  • Standard MIDI out port
  • Configuration Utility available for Windows and MAC, tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

The Universal Breath Controller is priced at 150 Euro and is available via the TEControl site.

via reader Rudolf Schmidt, KVR

5 thoughts on “Universal Breath Controller Offers USB-MIDI + DIN MIDI Connections

  1. Fantastic news! There are quite a few folks interested in BC’s and wanting an affordable alternative to the Yamaha BC3 (which has not been available for years). I have the non-MIDI enabled TEControl BC and it works really well. It was very clever of them to combine the USB and MIDI in one device as this will answer the needs of many electronic musicians who use both legacy MIDI gear and VI’s.

  2. I agree.
    The developer was kind enough to send me one for evaluation for my tech clients. Having used the Yamaha breath controller, as well as struggled to find any replacement parts for a system for someone, I was very pleased to test the USB only unit, and I can tell you it’s very good, many kinds of devices to blow into (4 actually) so you can find something that actually works for you, rather than HAVE to use the thing the one way Yamaha says you can.
    If you are looking for a breath controller for whatever you want (filters, velocity crossfades, volume) this one is both fun and functional.

  3. Well done, not only it’s a Breath Controller, but a MIDI one.
    I guess that it does not connect into a keyboard’s breatch controller input (Arturia Keylab for instance).
    So it cannot replace Yamaha’s BC3.

    1. Finally! A great alternative to the Yamaha BC3A and what’s best it can be used with ANY keyboard with a MIDI input, regardless of whether it has a dedicated BC input or not.

      It is also much more affordable than any other breath controller solution: MRT controller for 350$, or find a Yamaha BC3… (good luck with that, it is no longer manufactured and the used price it fetches on ebay is 300$+ including the herpes from previous owners who put it in their mouth) and then of course you also need a MIDI solution converter box for $199.

      Thanks synthtopia for publishing it, I just ordered mine.

  4. I bough this after seeing it here and I must say it has vastly exceeded my expectations. It is very easy to use and much better, faster and sensitive than a pedal for adding expression. I strongly recommend it.

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