Jasuto 1.5 Modular Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Developer Chris Wolfe has released a sneak preview video for Jasuto 1.5, the latest version of his modular software synthesizer for iOS. The update adds AudioBus support, iOS 7 compatibility, background audio and more.

Here’s what’s new in Jasuto 1.5:

  • Added Audiobus support
  • Completely compatible with iOS7
  • Updated UI graphics
  • Universal device and Retina support
  • Zillions of bugs squashed
  • A shinny new manual
  • Added background audio support
  • Much improved auto-wiring
  • Multi-touch support for Scale node
  • Low latency audio (256 samples)
  • Sample sharing through SoundCloud
  • Dropbox syncing of samples/scenes
  • New ADSR2, AP, Brick, Exp, Gain, Mix, Power, TanH & ZeroX Node Modules

Jasuto 1.5 has been submitted to Apple for approval. Jasuto is available in the App Store.

16 thoughts on “Jasuto 1.5 Modular Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. I do appreciate the app and all that. That being said, is there midi control? Is there IAA? The problem I have with most of this kinda stuff (including that new modular sequencer, the awesome Sunvox app, and NI Reactor) is that it takes away from the spontaneous nature of music creation.

  2. Great to hear that there will be an updated Version, this was the first software of that kind on iOS! Thanks for the good work! Hope to see it sooooon on the app-store.

  3. Why the term ‘MODULAR’ that is comical, an ipad app and apparently it is modular, I find the description rather embarrassing . The emperors new clothes or what ? Also comically people are saying no midi? so it can’t connect to other modules……..this is really funny .Ill stick to hardware thank you .

  4. The IAP’s (in-app purchases) shown in the video were a bit worrying. Seems odd to make someone purchase something called “chorus” or “hi-fi”. The interface in the video was not especially lovely. But the sounds are nice.

    I completely agree with the Italo Freak that these types of apps & processes (and the ones he listed) are for folks wth the “tinkerer” creative headspace.

  5. are for folks wth the “tinkerer” creative headspace.

    No disrespect , but we all fit into that , but we want gear that can be used in a practical way ,
    This software can’t be linked upto anything external,
    Hardly worth looking at.

  6. LOL. jasuto was one of the first worthwhile apps on out there. it’s hardly jumping on any bandwagons.

    That said, the developer disappears (from jasuto) for years(?), already made early adopters pay twice with jasuto pro, leaves us hanging with plenty of bugs and then shows up with some IAP? Good luck with that. Fool me once.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good program, but then there are lot of good programs on iOS now that have reliable support.

  7. How all of us spoiled by audiobus, virtualmidi, iaa and other things 🙂 I have always been using my ios device with hardware sampler (Roland sp404) so I never treated ipad as complete daw, more like “another synth or instrument”

    As for in apps, at least you can demo them, first time I see this ability

  8. I can understand most all of the naysaying regarding this app. The thing is that it is a more powerful, more versatile raw workspace for sound design than any other iOS modular environment available (that I have come across so far, granted.) Especially good for those interested in doing more than designing a synth lead for a house track. I’m very glad about the new update and features and can’t wait to see where it leads. Such an amazing tool.

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