Palette System Like MIDI Controller LEGO Blocks


Developer Calvin Chu has announced Palette – a new modular MIDI controller system that makes creating a custom controller easy.

Palette lets you build a physical interface customized to your personal needs. It is a hardware platform made up of a variety of modules. Each module has a single physical input, like a button, dial or a slider. You snap together modules like Lego.

Here’s a video intro to Palette:

How does it work?

Each kit comes with it’s own Power Module. To create a custom controller:

  • Connect the Power Module to a USB port
  • The Power Module is detected by our Palette Desktop App
  • Connect as many modules as you’d like to create your own unique interface
  • The desktop app detects these modules on the fly, as you add and rearrange them
  • Use the app to individually map modules to software functions, or use presets to map them all at once

Palette is being developed as a Kickstarter project, with kit options starting at $89 CAD. See the project site for more info.

Check out the Palette system and let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “Palette System Like MIDI Controller LEGO Blocks

  1. I have been saying for years that there needs to be some kind of intuitive hands-on controllers that can be used with graphics software. The mouse and keyboard suck! The music world has so many great interfaces, but this is really a giant leap for other types of users. FINALLY, these guys have done it!

  2. This was an idea I came up with a year ago, oddly someone finally made it. I wanted to call it “Knob” using a USB device, somehow things stick together, but this guy did it, awesome.

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