Steinberg Releases Free Nanologue Synthesizer For iOS, Updates Cubasis & VST SDK


Steinberg has released a new free software synth for iOS, Nanologue.

Here’s what they have to say about Nanologue:

Nanologue boasts a wide scope of inspiring sounds and professional sound effects, sporting a straightforward multi-touch interface and a great-sounding monophonic synthesizer.

Used stand-alone and in connection with your iOS host application via Inter-App Audio, Nanologue brings the power of VST 3 technology to the iOS platform.

Nanologue is a free download from the App Store

Steinberg also released Cubasis 1.7 – a free update available through the App Store to Steinberg’s iOS digital audio workstation for the iPad. Now featuring Inter-App Audio capability, Cubasis allows iOS apps with the same Inter-App Audio functionality to be used as instruments on both audio and MIDI tracks. It is also possible to use compatible apps as insert or send effects.

Available from the Steinberg website is the new VST 3.6 SDK, offering iOS compatibility with Inter-App Audio support, enhancements to the VST 2 and Audio Unit wrappers, iOS support for the new VSTGUI 4.2 as well as a validation tool for VST 3 host applications.

22 thoughts on “Steinberg Releases Free Nanologue Synthesizer For iOS, Updates Cubasis & VST SDK

  1. make more 100 of these and FREE and maybe I will start to consider to throw my fully functional mobile phone on the garbage just why you can support it due to its old OS, treating it as a broken stuff.
    why then you officially sell devices that cannot support newer apps, update to newer versions…or suddenly i just try to open an app and it can’t work anymore because you dropped the support.
    but i guess you have some eco policies. i will send my phone to you with nothing in return and it is all good to the planet. heh

        1. ok dude apple lovers next time i must say “ios 7 only. aww” only and thats fine plus few thumbs up.
          sorry to explain my feelings about being deluded. no? my less than 1 year old device will not upgrade to ios7 and I bought it on a official store. thats clear for you? however it is a big company how they could be on mistake. and this is a important mobile music blog, where i should complain?
          i see, saying “apple is bad” here = thumbs down instantly (heh, as in any musical forum, why i should be surprised).thats fine then, go back to monitoring your internet banking collecting cash to buy the newer idevice because your current device will not upgrade to the next os anyways.
          i dont love apple, i love electronic music. if starbucks launch a device where i can make quality music i will buy it. but if this company starts to trick me just to see more of my money, sorry i will hate it

          1. So did it stop working or what? What exactly are you complaining about? That it wont run all possible future software? Get over it already.

          2. actually i think the reason your post got downvoted so much is because its barely comprehensible. we’re asking because, seriously, we dont know what you’re talking about. i can decypher that you’re upset about an iOS7 lockout but the rest is nonsensical rambling

            1. “actually i think the reason your post got downvoted so much is because its barely comprehensible.”

              sure, it’s not the apocalypse, just some complaints. Translating it from the ios7-6haters world
              complaint 1: I bought an iPhone 3GS from Apple Store last year mainly for mobile music making, now it can’t upgrade to newer iOS
              complaint 2: Apple forces developers to drop the support to older devices. eg my 3GS. I read in some iOS developing foruns, the reason why they drop the support is some stuff in xCode, the platform to develop iOS apps. Sorry I’m not a developer so I can’t explain it deeper. The point is I barely can find decent music apps to the current iOS version of my phone
              complaint 3: Apple should make some sort of warning about apps that will not work starting in a certain date. I had an iPhone 3G and Instagram suddenly stop to work. I fear it will stop to work in my 3GS too. And as I like this app I will be forced to buy a new phone.
              compaint 4: The policies from Apple about returning old devices. It seems they don’t give nothing in return. At least I should have some sort of discount when buying my new iPhone.
              complaint 5: The eco-social problem. Throwing high-end electronics in the garbage just why it can’t support the new apps is not good for the eco-system

              1. You bought an iPhone 3Gs in 2012. It was an outdated device even then. You should expect it to work as an iPhone 3GS, not as a newer version; this means that you may not be able to run the latest operating system and applications.
                If you try to download or update an app that has become incompatible, Apple now does not allow you to do so and there is an option to download the last compatible version. I have used this to download GarageBand on my iOS 6 device. It works.
                I can understand the desire for a customer loyalty program, or some kind of trade-in value, but their offer of cellphone recycling is essentially a service provided to the customer; it can be difficult to find an electronics recycler in your locale, so they offer to deal with it for you. Offering an incentive to have it recycled would be reasonable, but to become incensed that it isn’t offered is just ridiculous.
                If you throw your phone in the garbage because it doesn’t support the newest apps, you’re an idiot. It still works for the apps you purchased it for, and if you still find those apps useful then you shouldn’t throw it away. If not, you can either try to sell it to someone who does, or take it to the Apple store to have it recycled. For free.

              2. Actually the 3GS was kind of old last year.
                And it did support 3 major IOS versions over its lifetime.
                So, you didn’t buy the latest model, but tried to get a better deal buying an older version. Misjudgment of that market.

                All your other points conceded.
                Even if you buy a 10 yo car it won’t suddenly be impossible to get gasoline for it. Spare parts will be trickier after a while though.
                Not that there are any spare parts for Apple products…

                1. It’s not impossible to get “gasoline” for the 3GS either; it still charges, makes calls, connects to wifi, and runs the apps currently installed. It’s just that “aftermarket parts” (apps) released for this year’s model may not fit.

              3. I can see wha you are getting at now – your first post didn’t make sense. I think you got downvoted so hard because of that and because you’re sort of ranting off topic.

                It would be great for Apple to support phones with the latest OS’s. The reality Apple faces, though, is that everybody updates their phones every 2 years, because they get them subsidized on contract. So there aren’t a lot of iPhones in use that don’t support the latest OS. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s something like 95% of the devices in use can run iOS 7.

                This is very different than Android, where vendors have a really terrible track record for offering phone updates, even for security patches. Even Microsoft has a bad record on this.

                I don’t see this changing until mobile technology is mature, and people stop upgrading every 18-24 months.

                1. thanks for the comment above. I promise I will never troll another iOS 6/7 post.

                  yes I was a bit ingenous about the mobile market last year, never realize that this device could be outdated so early.

                  You can call me as a stingy or so, but my focus is the mobile music making. I want a device to make music in the bus going to my job, in the bus stop, during the lunch break, etc. Basicaly to use in the streets and I will not go out walking around with a $2500 (local currency / c.a 1300 USD) device in my pocket, taking the risk of have my device stolen. This is a big investment to give it for free to some stranger. And believe me, in my place some of those that never finished the school could notice this sort of gadget in your hands very easily.

                  I will always sitck in the $500-800 price range (250-400 USD). It’s a phone. It’s supposed to be cheap. It can run e.g. Live 9 already? So it must be cheap.

                  “throwing in the garbage” was clearly a metaphor. To have a quick sell you always need to drop 40% or 50% the store price. Or make the right price for you and see your device selling 6 months later.

  2. That rant up top is way over the top…I am not going to thumbs down it…hell, I don’t even know what it’s about or where it’s coming from. Aside from that, the synth is good as can be. The problem I have with this and the Novation Launchkey app are the fact you can’t save your own settings within the app…why not? Major letdown in that respect for both the synth and that’s a real shame considering both are strong sounding on top of other positives. The new cubase iOS app update is killer too as we finally have a proper midi-IAA relationship going on…YES! Are we beigining to see the evolution of the iPad and it’s synths as an external VST/AU hardware device…sexy indeed!

  3. another monosynth, like in the hardware world, monsynth monosynth monosynth 🙂

    i dont like the interface with that circle in the middle with the filter, but i dont like fantasy Ui in general, i want straight sliders knobs and buttons

    its worth every peny i paid for it hehe

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