C3N Play – A Live Performance Loop Player For iOS


C3N Play is a new live performance loop player for iPad & iPhone that promise to offer “a low learning threshold and room for virtuosity”.

Here’s a video intro to C3N Play:


  • Play and stop loops
  • Manipulate volume, high pass filter frequency, low pass filter frequency, and resonance
  • Create performances from collections of playing loops
  • Arrange scenes of loops in a performance
  • Play and stop scenes
  • Add loops to a playing scene
  • Remove a loop from a performance
  • Clone and delete a performance
  • C3N.play contains four free loop packs. Additional loop packs available via In-App Purchase.

Inter-App Audio, AudioBus or MIDI support appear to be missing in action, at this point, but the app is free during its ‘introduction period’.

C3N Play is a free download from the App Store.

If you give C3N Play a try, let us know what you think of it!

10 thoughts on “C3N Play – A Live Performance Loop Player For iOS

  1. So it’s basically a crippled version of Loopy HD? I’m still going to download it while it’s free though. There seems to be a budget behind the developer, based on the video, so here’s hoping they add Audiobus and MIDI support in a future update. Uninstalling it the minute it turns out that they are IAPs, though.

  2. Tried it. Seems like a good idea but the loops are not named. So you have to pick one and hear what it sounds like. I can’t find a tutorial anywhere. Maybe I am missing something. If you touch a certain loop an IAP prompt pops up. Sorry not for me unless someone steers me in the right direction.

  3. That is a crap demo video. Would like to see something about the app itself. And as mentioned above, what distinguishes this from Loopy in a way that I would want to check it out?

  4. A premium/enhanced version of this, where you can use your own samples/loops, and with all the connectivity stuff like AB, IAA, Midi etc is on the way later this year or earlier next year, according to the developers (info from their site). This is the result of some kind of PhD project from some dudes in some university in Sweden I believe. And the IAP is there to raise funds towards the development of the “big brother” version.

    1. Haha I didn’t realize you we’re limited to the loops provided and couldn’t load your own. And they want you to pay for extra loops so that you can pay again for the “real” version? Good luck with that. What a piece of shit. I’ve always found the IAP model to be obnoxious, but this is just a whole new level.

  5. Well, I have yet to explore the app. (Always busy in the world of Samplr). But, perhaps, to balance the negativity previously communicated.I think it fair to say that the video was artistically put together! Hoping the app can achieve its potential sooner or later…

  6. To you who did not find the tutorial video, here it is: http://youtu.be/gOdJwlvMOFA

    The c3n play app is based on surface interaction, which is a set of interaction principals that are very different from what you fins in most app. All the academic papers for this are available from the c3n.se homepage.

    We are working towards a premium app were you can load your own sounds, connect apps via audio bus etc. But c3n play is our debut.

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