Being John Carpenter

Sunday Synth Jam: Ben Edwards, aka Benge, channels his inner John Carpenter, improvising some analog retronica.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Sometimes I get the urge to pretend I am in the studio in 1980 making a horror movie soundtrack. Luckily I have a studio full of old equipment so this is not a problem.

Here I am on the Moog Modular, Linn LM1, Oberheim 4-Voice (via Moog Phaser), all going through the MCI 416b console, with a bit of EMT plate reverb for good measure

9 thoughts on “Being John Carpenter

  1. Benge? This guy is new to me, i must look for more. This is fucking incredible, and the kind of thing i really really dig. Glad there’s more John Carpenter fans out there doing this kind of music, but you sir, have it down perfectly!!!!!!!!! I’ll try find more of your stuff now. Thankyou…

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