6 thoughts on “Nexus Touch Keyboard Analogue Synth Jam

  1. This has all the sounds from my childhood, Dr who, Space 1999, Thunderbirds, Eno stuff, I totally love it but won’t be able to afford one, totally gutted!!

  2. It looks good ,but doesn’t make sense, you would have to plug a midi keyboard in if you wanted velocity , but does this synth respond to velocity? and aftertouch .

  3. I for my part, love MacBeth’s approch to experimental music which he shows here, and in the making of the Nexus. This is a synth I really want to have when its done. Velocity? Doesnt matter to me. I am all about tweaking the knobs anyway. One of my favorite ways to play a synth is with the filter and resonanse. Slap a “hold key” button in there, and I have what I need. Or a sequenser. Many of my tracks is just one long midinote with loads of automation set to it.

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