Nine Essential Sites For iOS Music Making

In this video, Doug Woods of The Sound Test Room shares his thoughts on the best sites for learning about iOS music making. 

Here’s his list of nine essential sites for iOS music making, sounds & help:

Note: Woods includes Synthtopia on his list, so we may be biased in considering his list to be a good starting point for people interested in making music on iOS. If you’ve got other favorites, leave a comment and share a link!

We’d also suggest two video series for mobile musicians:

Nick Batt and Gaz Williams of Sonic State create the excellent video series Sonic Touch:

Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater hosts their iOS Update:

30 thoughts on “Nine Essential Sites For iOS Music Making

  1. You earned your place on that list! I bet you lost track of how many people complained that, “You should rename this site iPadtopia!” But despite the criticism you’ve always been a supporter of the many worthwhile iOS synths and other fun stuff happening in apps.

  2. Synthtopia has earned a place on that list for being amongst the first that informs on IOS music and instruments, and has embraced that platform for what it is; namely a part of the future in synthesizer interfaces.
    At the same time I want to say that Synthtopia is one of the most important sites for synthists.

    1. Geir – thanks for the feedback. It’s a great time to be into synthesis – there are so many creative people doing interesting things and the technology is more affordable than ever.

  3. Thanks for the mention, very much appreciated; as was said in the video we’re very new, but there’s already quite a lot of free patches for iSEM, Nave and Magellan with more to come soon! The discussion board is also doing really well with some great posts from the community and we don’t have any restrictions on what can be discussed (within reason of course) and any registered member can post their own patches and also sell them if they like. ZenLizard is doing pretty well with his first bank of patches for Nave that’s for sale. The ethos is all about community, collaboration and sharing.

    There is also the excellent from John Walden. Really chilled out and approachable guy, very responsive, really well put together intelligent and relevant tutorials and a free PDF of essential music apps when you subscribe. Highly recommended!

  4. Very solid list, thanks! I’d also suggest htto://
    It’s not just iOS stuff, but I’ve found some pretty nice iOS apps contests there, and helpful reviews…

  5. For the most up-to-the-second iOS music developments, help, bugs, updates, tracks, chatter etc, join the “iPad Musician” group on Facebook. Closing in on 4k members, it is a nice comfortable place with a great international iOS music-making family- posting nearly 24/7 ! 🙂

  6. For a great music theory app you gotta try Music Theory – Chords in Keys. It wipes the floor with the all the other supposedly music theory apps out there:


    Demo video here:

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