Haken Continuum Improvisation

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Sally Sparks demonstrates the expressive possibilities of the Haken Continuum. Sparks improvises on the Continuum, played through an Eventide H9 Reverb. 

The Haken Continuum Fingerboard is a musical instrument that allows realtime performance control that would be impossible with a traditional keyboard. The Continuum offers a greater pitch range than a traditional 88 note MIDI keyboard, and realtime continuous control in three dimensions, for every finger that is placed on the playing surface.

In the video, Sparks makes use of this capability to add expressive volume articulation, glissando (slides between notes) and vibrato to her performance.

via Chris Stack

8 thoughts on “Haken Continuum Improvisation

  1. beautiful.. its surprising the seaboard hasn’t shown off what it can do in this area, i mean it looks like it can do it, but the demos they show make it look shit TBH .. but every time you hear the continuum, it just sings doesn’t it.. 🙂

  2. This is an internal patch in the Eagan Matrix Synth, built in to newer instruments. It is called VlnVlaCelBass and has a nice string like response across the entire range of those instruments. One thing I didn’t show in this demo is that staccato higher velocity technique works very nicely as well, with a sound like an aggressive attack (not quite pizzicato) of the bow.

  3. Truely beautiful. And masterfully done. You really show off the Continuums expressive side here. This gave me a new boost of moral to save up for this 🙂

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