New Album Features Vintage Buchla Compositions By David First


Reader Ryan Martin let us know that his label, DAIS Records has an upcoming release that features vintage Buchla works by composer David First.

Here’s what they have to say about the album, David First: Electronic Works 1976 – 1977:

During his time at Princeton, First was introduced to the classical electronic music studio there, a lonely outpost of the famed Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center which housed one of the very first Buchla 100 series systems acquired by Vladimir Ussachevsky & Otto Luening.

Due to the introduction of digital technology within the music world, this system was left to languish in the studio unattended and nearly forgotten. First fell in love with this equipment and seized the opportunity to compose using the Buchla 100 synthesizer, at first experimenting only with electronic synthesis but later adding in his signature guitar stylings to make these compositions unique to the academic output typical of university music.

Thankfully, these compositions were recorded by First at Princeton on various reel to reel tapes and stored away for over 35 years. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012, when David First and Ryan Martin (of Dais Records) decided to revisit and transfer these reels to compile an album presented here as a selection of genuine, uninhibited exploration into modular electronic synthesis.

The release is limited to an edition of 500 copies, with liner notes by David First. The release/shipping date is Jan 21, 2014. See the label site for details.

2 thoughts on “New Album Features Vintage Buchla Compositions By David First

  1. I don’t know what to say. Marketing wise it makes sense, 500 people buying this obscure physical record seems like a decent ball park guessing. And those 500 LP’s might take a while to get rid of. But considering the wider context of exposing the history of modular synthesis to new generations I hope the publishers will make the LP available again at least in digital format after all the LPs are gone.

    1. Generally, Dais’ releases are also available digitally now. All their LPs come with a download code and you can also purchase most releases on Emusic and iTunes.

      They are a fantastic company, I have been collecting their vinyl releases since they started. I highly recommend them.

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