KIWI-106 ‘The Ultimate Hardware Upgrade’ For The Roland Juno-106


KIWI Technics has introduced the KIWI 106 – ‘The Ultimate Hardware Upgrade’ for the Roland Juno 106.

Here’s what they have to say about the upgrade:

An expanded synthesis architecture, with dual envelopes and multi-waveform LFOs, is only the tip of the creative possibilities that any Juno-106 can now possess.

Comprehensive routing of controls, high resolution parameters, and eight groups of 64 patches expand the Juno-106’s synthesis capability many times over. Add in a six voice polyphonic 124 step sequencer and a pattern generator to the mix and Juno-106 becomes a new class of instrument. Now design and implement a totally modern MIDI implementation suited for modern stage and studios and provide a free Vyzex professional instrument Mac/Windows editor/librarian along with the price of admission and what do you have? Modern Brains and Vintage Brawn.

The KIWI 106 upgrade is priced at US $395. See the KIWI Technics site for details.

via Sonic State

38 thoughts on “KIWI-106 ‘The Ultimate Hardware Upgrade’ For The Roland Juno-106

  1. This is awesome! I was planning on trying to add a second osc, but this takes care of the and adds a bunch of other options. But what is the “Swap Back Board”?

  2. I think the 106 is one of the best synths ever made, I have never had a better synthesizer ( I have owned , moogs etc) The 106 is a classic and also a budget synth really, hence its popularity with those making techno and acid .It is the synth that Roland should remake.
    This looks a very interesting addition. Well done.

  3. The 106 seems to have the best MIDI mods but the voice issue makes me concerned about picking one up. I really want one of the Juno’s, hard to decide which one.

  4. I just realized that they added an LFO and EG, but no second DCO 🙁 That was my major complaint about the 106’s sound capabilities. That’s a shame.

  5. But what this really needs to make it complete is an iPad app for editing, especially since there a lovely spot on the front panel of a 106 that is the perfect size for in iPad mini.

      1. I know it is hard for some people to believe but some of us would rather spend our time using our gear rather than programming templates. I have already created a template in TB Midi Stuff to overcome some wonky sliders on my 106, but that is time not spent actually making music. Looking at the screen shots of the editor I can’t picture myself recreating that.

        Now if the iConnectivity4+ would hurry up and ship I would get more use from the iPad.

  6. I love the Juno 106, and I’m glad that this synth is getting some attention, but I have to say that I think this “upgrade” misses the point of the Juno-106. The Juno-106’s strength is its elegant simplicity. It does more with less than any other synth. It provides a wide range of sounds with a simple architecture. What this modification does is make the architecture more complex. No doubt it adds to the pallet, but it detracts from the simplicity. There are a lot of complex synths around that do more than the Kiwi-106 for less money.

  7. LFO’s don’t sync to midi clock?

    What the heck!

    I don’t mean to be a whiner, as this does seem to be a very cool upgrade. . .

    . . . but I really would have thought that would have been an obvious / top of the list enhancement.

  8. We have new lexan overlays coming for the Kiwi-106, Juno or Jupiter style. Makes the Kiwi-106 easy to use while not using the editor and returns the Juno-106 back to super easy-to-use status after installing the kit.

    Check out the website for more information. Thanks!

  9. Even though Brian yelled at me for not being able to read in the comments above, I purchased and installed this upgrade and am in love with it. I’m sure it has it’s flaws but I can only say good things about the sound, functionality and feel of it, and I’m so happy I did this.

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