Dorit Chrysler – The Swamp Behind My House

Dorit ChryslerThe Swamp Behind My House

The Swamp Behind My House is the closing track of the amazing Dorit Chrysler’s Avalanche EP, on Trentemøller’s In My Room label. 

The music video is by Zack Richard, who has this to say about it:

“The idea came from an actress who I had worked with. She wrote a tweet saying she wished she had gone to model in Asia. I then had the idea of a model going abroad and using her beauty to taking advantage of local businessmen. Dorit’s song really brought the film to life and added a dark and surreal layer. I love her sound, it’s from the present and the past all at once. I am also trying to make films that are hard to pin-point exactly when they were made. I wanted to do a video that felt like a mixture of a Won Kar Wai and a Micheal Mann film.”

Avalanche is available on Amazon & itunes.

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25 thoughts on “Dorit Chrysler – The Swamp Behind My House

  1. Well done video, and work most likely would not like this full 1080 on the screen. I will say that it’s songs like these that remind me that it’s ok to have basically the same elements repeat for minutes, with minor evolution. I get hung up on 8 bars, wondering if I have gone too far. I’d have 20 albums finished if I could only allow those 8 bars to become 80. I’m actually not being sarcastic here, there’s a pound of truth in my ounce of joke.

  2. Gee thanks, because I needed reminding that women are objects to be looked at and fucked, and that if they exert any power what so ever they are bad. Oh and that the most power a woman can have is her beauty, and the most she can be in life is a thieving prostitute.

    So don’t worry about women, just fuck em. They’re like helpless sex bots, money and sex man, then you have ’em under control.

    Who was the troll that thought this was a good video?

    1. Does it occur to you that if I had said nothing you wouldn’t have looked past the gloss at all, or thought about how offensive it might be? While you’re all so busy disliking my comment.

      Change occurs from people speaking up. Status quo occurs from the mindless drones who hide in anonymity supporting ‘the norm’ with their silent ‘dislikes’.

      So much for being a bunch of non conformist musicians. Bring on the nazis people!

  3. “Who was the troll that thought this was a good video?”

    Chrysler’s videos are often provocative and deal with gender issues. Others may interpret this video differently than you have, but, if you found it offensive, blame me for making the call to include it on the site.

    1. It doesn’t “deal” with gender issues, it propagates the same old tripe which your readers don’t even batt an eyelid at and make the usual moronic observations at “bitch stole my wallet” “hot video” etc.

      1. Clearly Chrysler provoked you a bit!

        Also – suggesting that other reader’s comments on this post are ‘moronic’ is more offensive than anything anyone else said.

        1. Well I guess you don’t wake up every day having your gender demeaned and having the activity accepted, even lauded by the majority of people who follow this kind of blog.

          The music was barely incidental.

          1. Actually its the older Asian fellow that should be upset. .. the only way he could ever be with this girl is to pay for it get drugged and his wallet stolen.?

        1. Over the falls? I can’t clearly enunciate that something is offensive without being hysterical?

          I had hoped that a synth blog would be reasonably free of the tripe MTV and playboy pushes down our throats, but being a male-dominated area of interest I suppose a few mindless inclusions will ensue.

  4. Funny, I saw it as a woman who has the power to take advantage of the weaker gender. How interesting. Also, isn’t the artist a woman? I’m sure she feels similar to the actress being depicted in the video, as someone in a male dominated field, who is able to grab control in some way.

    I saw it as a work of art, beautiful, and funny, a bit cheeky, bit certainly not the way Lu On did…

    I for one appreciated both the music and the video, so please consider this 1 vote for the continuation of interesting and artistic content on your fantastic site.

      1. It’s typical sexualisation used to promote an artist in popularity. Basically pimping the female form for their own gain.

        Female artists do it all the time, I don’t know why you’d be surprised, or try to suggest that a woman can’t play the same sexist games men can – the story of the video proves otherwise.

  5. Yeah, Lu, the video is rather sexist–althougn we can all see much worse any night of the week on any TV channel. The thing is, I think a lot of the ‘morons’ who commented here would have been on your side had you taken a more patient and explanatory tone. I’m not calling you hysterical. I’m pointing out that there is a world of difference between being right and convincing others that you are right–and doing the latter is a much more effective way of bringing about social change.

    1. So I’m not allowed to be angry.


      This shit makes me angry.

      I can avoid it on tv because I know which programs not to watch. I can avoid it onthe Internet for the most part, until it gets shoved in my face again.

      I don’t think im capable of explaining why this video is so offensive, as though to children, without being angry. I don’t feel I should HAVE to explain it.

      1. Sigh. Of course, you’re allowed to feel however you want. The question is what you’re going to do with those feelings. Good luck to you!

  6. Lu

    The video is about a woman using her beauty to manipulate men.

    I can handle that – but not self-righteous arguments for censoring another female artist.

    1. Didn’t censor anyone.

      Don’t care what gender the “art” is. You make money out of sexualising women, you are a pimp – and you find ME offensive. Get your priorities straight.

      1. The image is on a par with the music these days, even surpassing it in some cases,
        and sexualising something is just a cheap advertising trick to short circuit psychic defences
        – fear does this too, but that’s another story 🙂

  7. Wow, if you were THAT offended by the song maybe you shouldn’t have watched. As it is, I think you really missed the point that women are powerful and way more in control of situations than you give them credit for. No one twisted her arm, she used a strength to manipulate the situation to her advantage. Far from helpless if you ask me. She made money out of sexualizing herself, and she clearly didn’t live in a brothel. That poor woman, drugging men and making off with all that cash. That must be horrible.

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