$79 TB-303 Analog Synth Voice Clone Board, x0x-heart


Open Music Labs has introduced x0x-heart – a new clone of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer voice.

Purists may argue that it’s a clone of the second cousin of a clone of the original TB-303, but $79 gets you a populated PCB + power supply. Buyers will need to add pots, controls & a case or panel.

x0x-heart is an SMT replica of the TB-303?s analog voice, complete with VCO, VCA, VCF, and envelope generators. It’s meant to be a base upon which you can build ‘a highly acidic synthesizer’.

Here’s a demo of the x0x-heart in action, sequenced by a 303:

We’d like to see complete kits for Euro and MU versions of the x0x-heart, too.

The x0x-heart is available at the Open Music Labs site.

Check out the x0x-heart and let us know what you think of it!

13 thoughts on “$79 TB-303 Analog Synth Voice Clone Board, x0x-heart

  1. I might be starting to get a little sick of the vanilla 303 sound just as much as the myriad of ‘close but mot quite there’ clones. The 777 is the best acid machine made imho why can’t we get more stuff like that?

  2. Will need to see how it can be controlled, but looks to be very nice. Shame the international shipping sounds so hit/miss/expensive. I got held to ransom by a very large US courier who wanted $70 in fees and taxes for an envelope containing a $30 download code 🙁

  3. Dudes the target there is the low price so stick with those basic tb features and if you want more features add it yourself , the diy way etc

  4. Is it possible to use this as an external midi receiving device, ie a sequences from a midi send and manipulated like the old rack mounted 303 clone?

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