How to Create Orchestral Christmas Music

In this pair of timely tutorials, Dave Bode of Audiotuts+ takes a look at creating orchestral Christmas music arrangements on your computer.

In the first video, above, Bode looks at instrumentation and orchestration to see how they effect the overall tone of the music. 

In the second part, Bode goes into more detail on chord structure, melody creation, instrumentation and orchestration:

5 thoughts on “How to Create Orchestral Christmas Music

  1. I give this demo a big thumbs-up for quality. I’ve been using DAWs for years now and this is one of the better demo videos I’ve seen. Its not comprehensive, but it offers a good balance between demonstrating both the functions and the feel of using them. Having a tutorial WALK you through is ideal. Spreading the word about Reaper is a godsend to newbies.

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