Soulsby Atmegatron Synthesizer Sneak Preview


Soulsby Synthesizers has finalized the design of the Atmegatron synthesizer – “a revolutionary new synth module that combines classic 8-bit sounds with exciting new features.”

It is expected to be available in February, with PCB and Complete options.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Atmegatron in action:

Here are audio previews:

Designer Paul Soulsby notes that you can do a lot of this in software, but “real synths are great!”

Specifications and other details are to come.

via reader Ben Jarvis

23 thoughts on “Soulsby Atmegatron Synthesizer Sneak Preview

    • Agreed! At first, I didn’t really “get” the whole 8-bit craze, but after hearing some Rubblebucket 8-bit remixes, I’m sold. It digs into our collective Atari video game memory and takes that to another world where bit distortion and aliasing are be-friended. There is something about the brutal high-end that means I can only stand it for about 5 minutes, but otherwise, its cool.

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  1. Sounds very nasty ,in the most beautiful way.Tricky disco ‘esque’.
    I lookforward to getting my hands on one. What is the price?

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    • “Atmegatron Complete – £255 ex VAT. ”

      btw those sound samples are kicking my ass

      i have a great, work related need for 8-bit hardware atm

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  2. This is in fact amazing! Someone has taken 8 bit beyond plastic. The audio demos really show off the device. Sparrows made me think of Bubble Bobble. Don’t have the spare cash at the moment, but if I did……….would have to make a Commando or Moon Patrol remix. Cool stuff, hope you guys sell a million.

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  3. i will be buying this evenually… as long as i can sync the lfo’s and arp… that wasn’t mentioned…

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  4. Have to admit, the “New Modular Control Keyboard From Even Lets You Add A Whammy Bar” picture is not nearly as candid as the one for this product… Marketing FTW!

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    • Taken from the site:

      The Atmegatron is 99% software. But the 1% hardware is very important. This is because the Atmega328P processor doesn’t actually have an analogue audio output. It has a Pulse Width Modulation output. This is one way in which the Atmegatron has a unique sound. To achieve this sound in software, the 65kHz Pulse Width Modulated output would need to be emulated. This output is then filtered and gain/bias adjusted using analogue circuitry. Again this would need emulating in software.

      The way the Arduino code works would also need to be emulated in software. There are 2 loops (a loop and an interrupt to be technically accurate!): one updates the output waveform, one does everything else. The way these 2 loops interact is another attribute of the Atmegatron’s unique sound. This would also need emulating in software.

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  5. Looks and sounds great. Love the enclosure too. I’d never seen those LED encoders before – very cool. Looked into the LED rings too – ouch they are expensive!

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