MIDI Guitar For GarageBand


Jam Origin has released MIDI Guitar for GarageBand – an OS X app that lets you play any GarageBand instrument using a guitar:

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is based upon Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar software and allows you to use your guitar to play software instruments in GarageBand, essentially converting your guitar into a MIDI controller/MIDI keyboard. It is very easy to use with GarageBand and a one-click setup.

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is a stand alone app that analyzes your guitars output signal and converts into MIDI that is sent to GarageBand or Logic using Apples Virtual MIDI standard in a frictionless setup.

Here’s a demo of MIDI Guitar for GarageBand in action:

It’s currently a free download in the Mac App Store. Jam Origin also makes MIDI Guitar for OS X & Windows, which is available as a standalone app or VST/AU. A trial version is available at the Jam Origin site.

If you’ve tried MIDI Guitar for GarageBand, let us know what you think of it!

via Lukasz Paczkowski, Software Developer, JamOrigin, David Wallimann

8 thoughts on “MIDI Guitar For GarageBand

  1. Just to clarify, app store description says free to try and evaluate, and a quick visit to their website reveals that the price for this is $100.

    Might be a great app, but for a hunjee beans I’ll pass.

  2. Ok, tried it out. Might be cool, but I’m still bugged by it being a demo, and in the “FREE” category.

    The name of this app should say “DEMO” since that is what it is. The description should just spell it out:

    “This is a demo version of our ground-breaking polyphonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion software. The pro version is $99. Try this demo out! You’ll be blown away.” Or whatever.

    BTW, the iOS MIDImorphosis app is $7.99.

  3. This is VERY impressive software. Almost perfect tracking and a breeze to set up.

    To the above posters, its $29.95, on the Mac Store.

    1. They must have changed that since this morning. They also changed the description to make it more clear.

      I wonder what the $99 app is that was on their website?

      At least $29 is a little more affordable.

    1. From the website:

      “MIDI Guitar comes in two variants, a standalone application that supports hosting of VST/Audio instruments and effects that be used without any additional software installed and a VST/AudioUnit variant that can be used in with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software.”

        1. I actually went and looked at the App Store after posting that. Turns out that they really do publish a version specifically for Garage Band that is different from their real thing. So, no, $30 doesn’t get you the actual useful product.

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