10 thoughts on “E-mu Sound Modules For Logic Pro EXS24

  1. Anyone get these to work? tried on two macs on logic 9, logic X and mainstage and they come up as corrupt files….

  2. i hope they do this for the pro/cussion too. i still have mine collecting dust because i have too much midi stuff and not enough time patience of midi inputs to work it in…but i love the sound

    1. I plan to release every E-MU sound module they ever made as I have all the hardware in my studio. I started with my 4 favorite rack modules. I do have ProCussion and all the others in development for EXS24. Its just a matter of time (and money) before I can release them all.. Thanks

  3. I am creating a new ZIP File or possibly a BIN File to replace the original file… apparently the files were corrupted during the zipping and uploading process to the host domain, filesharehq.

    I will be posting a new download link on my blog within the next few days.. Thanks

  4. There was nothing wrong with the original ZIP file. It turns out the origina hosting site (fileshareHQ) was corrupting the file to some users. I have changed the hosting location, and now the download is good to go.

  5. I’m having a few issues with noise too. It seems to be to do with the shortest samples – the ones that seem to be single cycle samples. All of the samples with the prefix “wav” in the Orbital pack for example are just playing back as noise.

    Still, fantastic effort on the other samples, a real blast from the past for me =]

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