Love To Love You Baby (Moroder & Cox Remix)

NSFW+++: Verve Music has released a video for the new Giorgio Moroder/Chris Cox remix of Donna Summer‘s Love To Love You Baby.

The remix takes the track into much more electronic territory than the disco original, with a massive synth bass, reminiscent of Moroder’s I Feel Love.

Check it out and let us know what you think about the remix!

12 thoughts on “Love To Love You Baby (Moroder & Cox Remix)

  1. Sick drop bro! But seriously, AWFUL! Not every electro song has to have a ‘massive’ EDM buildup and drop to sound good.

  2. not too bad….the sound is however cold and metallic…..most EM and EDM track sound this way (metallic) and it’s probably a consequence of the loudness war (less bass + metallic drums = more volume)

    I don’t feel love…..

  3. Souds really poor to me, I have the 15 mins Patrick Cowley remix of I feel Love on vinyl. Put the two of them together regards sounds and ‘the exageration of the groove’ this sounds like childrens TV music.
    Sounds shit to me. RIP Cowley . I am sure a heavier and funkier groove is possible.

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