Modulo – New Mini Documentary On Modular Synthesizers

Reader  let us know about a new mini-documentary, that he directed, about modular synthesizers, Modulo

The film features Arturo Brisindi (AKA Hard Science), Edmund Eagan and Mike McGrath (AKA Muff Wiggler), along with lots of gear (including some really ancient synths), and a few performances.

It’s dedicated to physicist and electronic music pioneer Hugh Le Caine. The score features the work of Le Caine.

12 thoughts on “Modulo – New Mini Documentary On Modular Synthesizers

    1. Clearly a transcoding error when creating the QuickTime, of course they know how to sync sound, obviously something has gone wrong, don’t be so pedantic.

      Great Doco guys, well done!

  1. Wondering what that black module with the touch pads and yellow leds is? The guy starts playing it around 3:30 and it looks like some kind of sequencer? Very cool.

    1. That’s the Make Noise Pressure Points, and it is indeed very cool. It’s basically a four-note keyboard, but you tune each key individually (if I’m not mistaken! Sadly, I cannot afford a modular system at the moment). You can also pitch bend by moving your fingers on the touch pads, and there’s an expander that gives you sequencing capabilities.

  2. Just scratching the surface, but it’s good to see some locals bringing awareness & recognition of related Canadian contribution – thanks for sharing!

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