Novation Launchpad For iOS Updated

novation-launchpad-ipadNovation has updated Launchpad for IOS, adding the ability to record performances and more.

Here’s what’s new in Launchpad for iOS version 1.3:

  • Record your performance
  • Share mix via Dropbox, Soundcloud or e-mail
  • Change category of imported samples
  • Various bug fixes, refinements, and workflow improvements

Launchpad for iOS is a free download. Additional content libraries and Audio Import are available as in-app purchases.

27 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad For iOS Updated

    1. Unbelievable… So, they pay a software dev team to develop this app, but then you expect it to be free?

      Why oh why is the internet full o’freetards these days? The company needs to charge money in order to stay in business and put out quality software and tools. That’s how these things work.

      For what it does, it’s cheap and works well. It’s like the best part of Live! before it became an annoying bloated toy DAW. It’s essentially like a lite version of Live! without the need for bringing a laptop with you. I also have Electrify, but the the method of getting samples into it is a major PITA, so I switched over to this.

      I happily paid for the import-your-own-samples update, otherwise it’s just a toy. I took the free version to be a demo version with limited functionality. ‘Here, it works! Now, if you want to use it with extra functionality, please put some money our way so we can continue to develop this and other apps’.

      Freetards can play with all the packed-in Mickey Mouse loops and they should NOT complain because they haven’t put money down because they don’t expect to have to pay for things. People are unbelievable.

      1. Ok. I get your point, though calling me a “freetard” is a little insensitive. (i.e., You must think you are so clever to be able to use an actual type of thinking and feeling human-being as an insult!) Please don’t act surprised that mentally retarded people may read this forum and that they have real feelings. Tell you what… Think of some other race or disability and call me that. It will make you feel clever and superior.

        You assume that I have some big problem paying for apps. I don’t. I spend plenty on apps. Good, bad, cheap, expensive. I don’t pirate software, and I want developers to get paid well.

        However, I’ve always been a little bugged by the way some apps use IAPs, but not for the reasons you think. It isn’t that I want everything for free.

        It makes perfect sense for them to offer a free app that can be tried out, then purchase all those sample packs via IAP. In fact, I think this software does a pretty elegant job in that way.

        I guess $7 isn’t a lot to ask for that functionality, and to cover the additional developer overhead.
        Still, was it worth all the flaming? Sheesh! &@#*%

        1. As someone who gets flamed all the time I understand you, but on the other side you did comment about the pricing twice within two minutes.

            1. I can see it now that you explained it, but if you just read the two comments quickly it looks like you are complaining.

              The sciences behind perception and interpretations makes a sentence like “Sorry, that’s 7$ [ instead of 8$, my mistake ]” sounds like “Sorry, that’s 7$ [ and I would never buy an app with such a steep price]”.

              Basically people filled in the blanks you left.

      2. Where do you get off calling Ableton a toy DAW? It is the easiest and most stable plus the most creative DAW. It is also the most popular. What are you butt hurt that Joke Tools is still behind the times and you spent so much on that dedicated hardware ?

        1. Easiest? probably. Most stable? well, that depends. Most creative? DAW’s aren’t creative, users are. Most popular? DING DING DING.

          “JokeTools” could dance all over Ableton Live in terms of mixing workflow and features/settings that actual recording professionals understand and expect. ProTools is not a DAW for bedroom enthusiasts or kids who like to pretend they’re DeadMau5 for 30 minutes everyday.

          With that said, I haven’t used Pro Tools in years. And I use Live all the time, but trying and compare them would make the people at both Ableton and Avid laugh their asses off. They aren’t the same by any measure.

  1. I’m very happy about the recent advancements to this app. I happily pay for upgrades. the app was free, the 7 dollars to upgrade it is totally worth it. I spend a hell of a lot more on hardware.. It looks really good, work really well, and I look forward to seeing it advance.

    They gotta make money somehow.. otherwise you’ve got software devs working for free. They deserve our support

  2. This app is really fun by itself, but especially combined with a hardware LaunchPad.

    As long as your making loop based music, it offers a ton of potential.

  3. i know i should hav read about it before, but 6€ for dropbox import ??


    no copy paste no itunes import, no single way to play a synth line in another app and import it on the fly ??

    novation YOU SUCK !

  4. sorry i forgot , i bought it yesterday hehe

    i just want a somewhat decent sampler/loop player, why isnt there anything out ?

    shouldnt it be easier to program a sampler then a VA synth ? ^^

    i can see myself buing the akai micro sampler with the SD card and midi in because i cant use my ipad as a sampler which i completely cant understand ^^

    1. Yea. It surprised me that SampleTank didn’t appear to offer user sample import & mapping. If it does, it wasn’t obvious from their description. But you’re right. The iPad seems like it would make dragging & dropping samples on to key/velocity ranges pretty easy.

    2. “shouldnt it be easier to program a sampler then a VA synth ?”

      It would be much easier with some access to the filesystem of a shared document folder. Itunes Sharing is really not good.

      I think its one of the reason why there is so few samplers on the ipad as opposed to synths.

      1. then why no mail import? and why no copy/paste ?

        the system like it is now, would be make looks and samples on your computer then save them to dropbox in their dedicated folders (eg “120 BPM” so that the software knows which tempo the loop is) then sync everything with my ipad, then walk out and make music with those loops


        i own all decent ios synth, DM1 sampler and so on, and “if” i make music with my ipad, iam on a trainride, public transport or whatsoever, and i want to make five beats with dm1 a few synth basslines with ms20 and a few chords with poysix, mangle some of them in turnado and then export it to a loopplayer to play them “live” in my earbuds.

        and thats not possible

        80% of my synths cant export to dropbox but nearly all of them can audiocopy/paste

        i was just wondering if novation doesnt know that, or they know it but show me the finger, or they have a deal with dropbox, or whatever the reason is, the import function as it is now is not usable for me.

        and i like the fact that i pay money for it, who cares its a product, someone developed it, so i pay money for that.

        all fine, except that its a halfbaked idea

  5. Then I hope every single one of us sends an email or Facebook post asking novation to please not handicap this app because this is just stringing people along. Anyone who says that we are being ungrateful pay them no attention! I don’t care that the app was free! We are musicians who want to make music, if the app wasn’t handicapped and if they had allowed us to import samples easily from the beginning it would not have had to be free, they could have charged and we would have all paid for the quality, now they want us to pay but they don’t want to make the app simple to use and instead would rather us jump through hoops. Stringing people along and making things difficult for people when they don’t have to be is not a good business model. We need to let them low it and the whole iOS dev community needs to know it as well. !!!!!!! 1. We need copy paste from other apps and he clipboard, 2. We need easy sample import, 3. We need a file system to keep samples organized, and 4. We need the ability to edit samples in the app. These are priorities, use social media and let them know that we know they can do better and then we won’t be stuck having to feel guilty for getting a free crappy app, and instead we’ll give them our money for a quality app with the common sense features that customers deserve.

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