AudioRealism Intros ReDominator Polyphonic Synth Rack Extension, Inspired By Roland Alpha Juno


AudioRealism has released ReDominator, a polyphonic synthesizer Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

ReDominator is an emulation of the classic Alpha Juno 1/2 (JU-1/2), a polyphonic DCO (digitally controlled oscillator) based synth from 1986. The JU-1/2 became popular in the early 90’s techno and rave scene particularly by the classic Hoover sound. But beyond those niche sounds there lays a versatile synthesizer that does bass, pads, leads, organs and a lot of other sounds waiting to be discovered.

Here’s a demo featuring ReDominator’s version of the classic Hoover sound:

This demo features a variety of ReDominator sounds:


  • Accurate emulation of the Alpha Juno 1/2 including the famous Hoover patch.
  • 14 different low aliasing waveforms including a unique PWM-sawtooth.
  • High quality full range 24dB/octave low-pass filter.
  • Unique 8 parameter envelope generator which enable much more complicated and expressive sounds than a standard ADSR.
  • External audio input to the filter.
  • 200+ bundled patches (of which many are sysex converted from our own JU-2).
  • External Patch converter (beta) to convert sysex patches from your own Alpha Juno and play them in ReDominator.

ReDominator is available now for US $55 / 45 EUR.

31 thoughts on “AudioRealism Intros ReDominator Polyphonic Synth Rack Extension, Inspired By Roland Alpha Juno

      1. Yes I know Rewire obviously, but you cannot load just a RE through Rewire, you have to load the entire Reason interface. You fail me again mr. lol πŸ™‚

    1. Hi! Just wanted to say the demos are done by our beta testers, we did not tell them what to do, they just made them and we like them at least! However we are planning some comparison videos between our JU-2 / PG-300 and ReDominator after New Years.

      >> also i never understood why the hoover sound is something worth singling out, as a primary feature no less.

      Hoovers are what the Alpha Juno is famous for but It obviously does a lot more though.

  1. what is the point of putting out full blown generic demos to show off synth recreations? the nuances of the emulated sound are being completely masked.
    not to speak of the horrid, gut wrenchingly awful cheesy tracks which makes me want to kill myself.
    also i never understood why the hoover sound is something worth singling out, as a primary feature no less.
    used once in the early 90 and has been cheesy even then.
    i love the alpha/mks50 and would be happy to get a vst recreation but show us the basic sound.
    also, idiotic name. nice gui tho.

  2. I had a Juno-1 and it was a real gem. It was such a modest little synth that it took a while to appreciate how well it fit into things. It provided great contrast and when layered, it made small sounds bigger and big ones downright huge. It was like a clever module with a courtesy keyboard. It wasn’t a go-to synth for ripping leads or the like, but it was often like that last dab of glue that made things complete. If they re-released the Juno-1/2 slightly enhanced with a 2nd oscillator, a separate filter envelope and a modest FX block, it’d become the budget synth to beat.

  3. wouldn’t it be great if you could run aax on logic?

    and au’s on cubase?

    and maybe vsts on protools?

    what reason re on everything for big boys that don’t know how?

    makes you wonder what their music sounds like…

    1. It’s called competition – and it’s why Rack Extensions can do things you can’t do with VST’s, and why Steinberg had to do a new version of the VST standard.

      Thus sounds great – and I’ve got an Alpha Juno, which is a seriously underrated synth!

      1. I’m all for competition, but I would love to see all those giant companies working hand in hand.

        Have you ever seen XKCD’s comic about standards? πŸ™‚

        1. If they all worked together to maintain one standard, it would remove the impetus to innovate the plugin standards, because no one gains a competitive advantage by introducing something new.

          1. Not necessarily true, or else we’d still only have 480p televisions, although competing standards accelerates innovations.

            But the problem is not the many existing standard plugins types, its more how they are supported (or not) by the various DAW’s.

        1. for plenty of us its been that way since it began… but since its still being used heavily on tv shows, movies, commercials – id say that no, it hasnt already for the mainstream

          it will tho, eventually.. and in the future it will probably be more reviled than disco or trance, etc…

          although i do tend to think that hyper-modulated micro-edits will filter down into all aspects of electronic music due to that kind of technique being popularized and reaching the widest audience by way dubstep (even though it originated much earlier)

          1. yeah, it seems like dubstep wobs are finally replacing that generic shreddy electric guitar solo sound that has been used in tv bumpers since I can remember…like you watching a skiing competition or something not related to rock music in any way whatsoever yet you hear “up next..100 meter slalom!” *crazy high pitched guitar solo* cut to commercial…whether you like dubstep wobs or hate them at least tv producers finally found something to replace that generic electric guitar shred!

  4. “I’m bigger and bolder and faster and stronger ….I’m the one and only Dominator!….I’m the one and only Dominator!”

    This synth sounds cheesy as heck as is, but I bet it could be given new life with some heavy processing.

  5. Great, another Rack Extension that is attached to a non transferable purchase model that has about as much integrity as a politician making a promise. I’d rather buy a second hand JX8P, Alpha Juno or something similar that has resale value, can be sampled, programmed and sold (at a later date if needs be).
    Make the purchase model transferable (at the very least) with a full license transfer – that said I would not support any companies product that was/is tied to a non transferable license purchase model.

    1. Do you have a cell phone, can you transfer your cell phone subscription? How about apps for that phone? The rights to music you’ve bought online?

  6. It’s amazing how much tech that’s been dismissed as quaint and obsolete for decades is resurrected as less capable software while the poor old originals languish in eBay and Craig’s List. Those who do not remember the past… don’t browse the VSE.

  7. DIVA can emulate the Alpha Juno (mks50) pretty well. it sounds very close compared to my hardware unit.

    so much that i might even sell the hardware.

    the sysex important function of this rack-extention is pretty neat..i’m a sucker for that sort of thing!

  8. Despite all of the hollering, if you dig into the majority of modern synths, you can BUILD the sounds of vintage synths pretty easily. Changing the filter slope, cutoff and resonance can lead you to very close emulations of ARP, Moog and Obie synths. The Junos are especially easy to recreate. Its not a question of whether or not the world “needed” another emulation; its a question of why you’re not shaping what you have to fit the job at hand. My Juno nostalgia is based far more on the simple yet effective hardware layout than the sound, but its due to having had the pleasure of the real thing that I can add its character to new pieces today. I still say that a Juno-1 with just a bit of upgrading would be a hit.

  9. Good for you Audiorealism. The amount of butthurts here is a sign you are doing things well. None of those are going to be your clients anyway.


  10. Leave it to the web to go right for the jugular now with pretty much anything, even cheap software plugins no one is being forced to buy. Thanks YouTube. Your callous mean spiritedness is poisoning the well.

    Some of my earliest electronic music was done using the Alpha Juno and this captures the fundamental character of those oscillators and filter surprisingly well. The chorus module sounds different to me, but the core sound is uncanny. It’s the kind of vibe I got when first testing out other vintage emulations like SQ8L and Gforce Oddity.

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