10 thoughts on “Deep Forest Live

  1. Geez. Loved it from the Trilian Chapman Stick preset throughout, up until the unnecessary wub wub wub dubstep bass insertion? Is that an attempt to be hip, or something? Multiply that by the rave stabs at the end… = confusion on my part. What did I just listen to?

  2. I like the change at 5″17 very much, it integrates very well to the whole style.
    This kind of sounds has its place here, more than alone in “Dubstep” (as mentioned above) style only.

    I never liked Deep Forest’s sound – the old one – ( thought I’m 39 y.o ), it was just a throw of pre-made bad samples from the 80’s (sorry). I do like this Live demo, the continuum keyboard is well used, the Trilian sounds “alive” too.

    Great !

  3. I disagree. DF’s first several albums put a fresh slant on sampling for dance. Its all well-crafted and generally impressive compositionally. They highlighted the inner strength of several folk musics with high-tech style. I also highly recommend Michel Sanchez’s solo work “Windows.” (He’s the other half of DF.) He’s classically trained and it shows, with all of the power and none of the stuffiness. It features some of the best, most well-integrated synth work ever, period. It also contains several dance tracks that sound like they were written for an adult palate and not just pogoing ravers. Taken on its own merits, it has a lot of muscle.

    I don’t get the sudden dubstep break, either. Wha? Who put the musical spider on the wedding cake?? Blecch.

  4. Wow. Ok, when a former adult contemporary artist mashes the one-trick dubstep pony into a living room jam video, SURELY we’ve reached maximum saturation of the wub-wub. Right? Please? If there is anyone left who hasn’t wubbed themselves in 2013, can we contact them and make it happen right now, so 2014 can be a whole new year for music?

  5. there are a number of songs by deep forest i grew up hearing and that i liked. i’m 28. i never knew anything about the musicians behind the project until this second.
    i listened to this whole song to 1) see if i’d like the song 2) see what all these comments are referring to. 1) i can’t say i liked the song too much, i always like the uneasyness i got from listening to them, which i can’t say i got here. 2) if you’re panties in a knot ONLY over some distortion and filter sweeps, i’d say your missing the essence of the deep forrest sound. for me that sound was just an attribute revolving around a greater feeling of change to the unknown future from something always a little more primitive. i like that the future remain unknown, not happily embraced by that machine sound. i would have liked it more probably if the “wub wub” was played in contrast and not in harmony with the song. anyway, happy to see the video. i had no idea!!

    haters gonna hate. 1 love.

  6. It’s actually a rather interesting piece and the melody is very good there are many aspects to this that could be discussed but I like it.

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