Groovesizer mk1 Kits Coming Soon


MoShang has announced plans to release kits for building the Groovesizer mk1 – a new open hardware DIY synth.

It’s in the same family as the larger Groovesizer, but is smaller, easier to build and features a 16-step sequencer.

Here’s a demo video of a prototype in action:

He notes:

The original Groovesizer mk1 is still getting quite a bit of attention, so I’ve decided to offer it in kit form, too. I wanted to keep it simple and as close to the original as possible, but at the same time I couldn’t resist improving on some of the shortcomings of the first design. I’ve added two shift registers so that now there is an LED for each of the 16 steps – with some pins to spare broken out on an expansion header). I’ve also added a MIDI input alongside the output, so that it can be played as a standalone instrument, or synced to external devices.

Some prototype boards are being fabbed as we speak. It should be a great beginners kit with a low parts count and price.


  • note entry for individual steps or groups of up to 4 steps at once
  • rests & ties
  • pattern length from 1 – 16 steps
  • pattern retrigger
  • tap tempo
  • pattern reverse
  • pattern transpose (up and down in semitones)
  • variable note duration
  • swing/shuffle
  • MIDI out
    • save and recall up to 32 patterns
    • trigger patterns quantised (Ableton live style) or immediately

Pricing and availability are TBA.

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