6 thoughts on “The Lost Voyage

  1. What a unique idea; a composition with chordal complexity, and very beautiful too. Maybe some of the
    “musicians” who post their creations here should take note.

  2. Holy buckets! I had no idea this song was posted here! Thanks to synthhead for posting this! How the heck do I get other works of mine posted here? 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words as well everyone. I greatly appreciate it!

    As for ‘blinky LED lights’ I get asked this a lot and honestly it’s more of a mistake on my part than it is anything else! When I film these videos, I have the exposure settings (how light/dark the video is) set funky. I have a very fast shutter speed (above 1/100s) which is likely out of sync with the LED frequencies, creating this effect. I believe it’s similar to looking out your window when your driving and the other cars’ wheels appear to spin backwards. I prefer these settings because they also generate an appearance of staccato movement (like you’d see in 300 during fight scenes), and I think make for a cooler effect.

    Please check out my latest video here!

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