Poetic Guitar For Mac, Win


Times Concept has introduced Poetic Guitar 2 – a new virtual instrument, supporting 3 guitar sample sets (over 9GB).

The Guitar supports many playing techniques: Harmonics, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide In, Slide Out, Muting, Legato, Bending, Vibrato, Chords and Strumming etc.

Poetic Guitar 2 features an ‘Intelligent (AI) Fingering’ system which allows you to play the guitar naturally from a standard keyboard. Playing a note high up the neck simply requires you to select the string you want to play the note on and then just play that note on the keyboard; all subsequent notes in the chord will play in the correct relative fingering location.

A newly designed chord selection and strumming system has been developed which allows 132 chords to be selected by the left hand and strummed or plucked in various different styles using the right hand.

A Strum Sequencer option allows you to layout up to 8 strumming or string plucking patterns: change chords using your left hand and play the strumming pattern using your right hand.

A comprehensive effects section provides all the tools to tailor your final sound: Gate, Compressor, Overdrive, Tremolo, 5 Band EQ, Stereo Chorus, Pitch Shifter, Stereo Echo, Reverb.


  • 1. Buy one guitar: 99 USD.
  • 2. Buy two together: 168 USD.
  • 3. Buy all three together: 208 USD.

Poetic Guitar 2 is available for Windows 32/64bit (VST) and MAC OSX 10.5+ 32/64bit (VST & AU). See the Times Concept site for details.

5 thoughts on “Poetic Guitar For Mac, Win

    1. Sorry guys, but this is the same like saying: If you want to hear drums in your song, you need to have a real drummer. There are very good guitar emulations around and if a song is not purely based around the guitar itself, then they are perfectly fine. Do you all hire real drummer, real violin players etc.? If not, why the negativity here?

  1. A highly detailed guitar emulator played by computer will sound like a robot playing a guitar. For authentic sounding guitar, you will still need to play a guitar! Not to mention that the user interface looks like it came out of the early 90’s …and then dipped in ‘Ugly Sauce’.

  2. listened to the demo songs. sounds really nice. sometimes a bit “harpsichordy” and sometimes very midi-like but generally really good.

  3. Don’t dismiss the idea too easily. Each of the models sound very natural at their bases. I’m not keen on trying to totally “fake” a guitar or trumpet with a keyboard, but you can still make good use of quite a few gestures. I’d call it bad form to insert an automated strum at all, but solo picking has merits, as it actually comes from your fingers. If you think in terms of guitar phrasing, you can do credit to a piece. Acoustic guitar is not a constant-use sound for me, but the two classical ones I have are intimate and full. I’d hate to do without them.

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