Rene Splinter’s Almery (Video Documentary Explores Vintage Analog Recording)

Dutch synthesist Rene Splinter has started a new series of videos, looking at the making of each of his albums.

The first is about a 1989 production called Almery, which was a 100% analog production. Only analog synths were used (Elka Synthex, SCI Pro-One, Yamaha CS20M and Korg Mono/Poly), besides some tape effects, drum computers and a sequencer.

In the video, Splinter discusses how he used each of the instruments in the making of Almery.

Check it out and let Splinter know what you’d like to see more of in the upcoming videos in his series!

5 thoughts on “Rene Splinter’s Almery (Video Documentary Explores Vintage Analog Recording)

  1. Quality sound …. and recorded on cassette. I wish he would go into more detail about his process. Love this post and cant wait to see more.

  2. This is a great interview and really nice to see how they made the music . The Lo Fi is interesting as at the time it was as good as could be.
    It shows that this, is more than adequate for decent recordings.

    The piece played from cassette was really good

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