LushOne Inca DIY Kit Expands The LushOne Modular System


DIY synth manufacturer LushProjects has introduced the LushOne Inca kit – a new DIY module that provides features to generate percussive, random and multi-source effects from the LushOne synthesizer.

The LushOne Inca also provides features to make it easy to connect the LushOne to Eurorack or other external modular systems. Finally the module contains a “thumbstick” to allow fully analog control of the synthesizer.

Here’s an overview of the LushOne Inca:

About The LushOne Inca Kit

The LushOne Inca kit continues the design principles of the LushOne base. A single board design is used to keep costs low. All effects in the LushOne are generated using analogue electronics to capture the experience of old-school synthesizers.

The LushOne Inca can be used as a second or third module (after the LushOne Contour) for a LushOne system. For most users the Contour is probably the best choice as a second module, but if you are particularly interested in noise or harmonic effects then consider the LushOne Inca as a second module instead.

A LushOne system containing the Base, Contour and Inca modules is a very capable monophonic synthesizer which has capabilities comparable to classic analogue synths.

The LushOne Inca provides:

  • Four input signal mixer/signal processor
    • Combine up to four inputs to create new signals
    • Works with audio signals or control voltages
    • Can be used to match LushOne signal levels to interface to Eurorack or external systems
    • Two non-inverting and two inverting inputs
    • Independent control of levels of all inputs
    • Control of DC offset
    • AC and DC coupled outputs
    • LED indication of output signal polarity and level
  • Noise source
    • Analogue noise source with signal level and CV-level outputs
    • Excellent for drum and percussion sounds
    • Can provide control voltage input to any other module for random effects
    • Variable level control
  • Sample and Hold (S&H)
    • Capture the level of an input signal and hold it under the control of an external clock
    • Great for time quantizing the noise source output
    • Generates weird effects on audio signals
  • Utility Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) with square wave output
    • Primarily intended to be used as a clock input to the Sample and Hold
    • Can also be used as a control voltage feed to any other LushOne CV input
    • Gate input can be used to stop oscillator under external control
  • Analogue thumbstick input
    • Fun way to manipulate multiple control voltages simultaneously
    • Game console-style joystick with X and Y control voltage output
    • Button press and output
  • Signal breakin/breakout
    • Connect the LushOne 2mm patch leads to mono 3.5mm socket to allow easy interconnect to external systems, particularly Eurorack
    • Can be used in conjunction with the mixer/signal processor for easy interfacing to external systems
  • Single board design including all controls and connectors (except power-in) providing straightforward construction and neat presentation. A laser cut case is available that contains the LushOne base and the Inca or it can easily be housed in a project box.
  • Open-source access to schematics

The LushOne Inca kit is available for £69.00 from the LushProjects site.

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