Moments Lost Modular Challenge – Can You Create A Unique ‘Blade Runner’ Sound?


Love modular synths + the iconic soundtrack of Blade Runner?

Then you may want to check out the Moments Lost Modular Challenge.

The contest is organized by the creators of  Moments Lost – a crowdfunded project to create new music and art inspired by Blade Runner. The project is now fully funded – but the Modular Challenge is open through Jan 7th.

Here’s what they have to say about the Modular Challenge:

We want your take on the background sound of Los Angeles 2019 to use on the Moments Lost record. The automated environment with bleeps, servo motors and hovercraft passing by, or maybe the sound of an android factory working 24/7 to provide workers for the off-world colonies – the choice is yours, go wild! The winner will be featured on one of the tracks and published on cd, vinyl, picture vinyl and digital download.


A full experience package featuring the Picture disc + Blue Color 180 gram Vinyl, 16-page booklet, CD, Digital Download, Signed and numbered screenprint posters (2x Kilian Eng, 1x HR-FM) Extra behind the Moments material showing the work process and extras.

Details are available at the MuffWiggler forum.

19 thoughts on “Moments Lost Modular Challenge – Can You Create A Unique ‘Blade Runner’ Sound?

        1. if Vangelis would do a Bladerunner 2, i really hope he will use those analog beast of past times.. NOT the digital stuff he`s surrounded these days.. unfortunately it makes Vangelis sounds like a SuperKronos… and he has some much more power then just the workstations of these days

          1. I will take Vangelis to make “Vangelis music” with a “superkronos” rather than
            anyone else with analogue gear…

  1. If you can’t create pretty much any “Blade Runner” sound by now, you fail Synth 101. Besides, its how Vangelis used them that made them anthemic, not the method of sound production. I generally take a dim view of covers and tribute bands, but in the case of Vangelis, its more like trumpeting the cause of a classical composer than being a synth fanboy. I simply wish more people would do the same and broaden the synth field beyond dance. There’s a lot of flex room between simplistic and bombastic.

  2. I’m happy for you muffwigglers, and I’mma let you finish but it seems a bit odd setting the rules on recreating a legendary multitracked, sampled & polysynthed film score as ‘no multitracks etc, only modulars’…. it’s a bit like running a competition to reimagine an Ennio Morricone score using only kazoos and ipad. Why not set a challenge to create music inspired by a film that was actually made on modulars

    1. And given that very few pieces of music made on modulars ever actually get completed this should be a quick listening experience.

      1. “Apocalypse Now.” Its not bursting with purely-synth pieces, but what *is* there is still scary and humbling to hear. The team also synthesized part of the sound effects. Its a good one to know.

    2. You have misunderstood the competition. It is about making a background sound, not an entire track. We will use the sound to a new track in the Moments Lost project. Listen to the background bleeps etc in “Memories of Green” from the Blade Runner soundtrack as an example of what we’re looking for.

  3. But, he got the beeps for this piece from an electronic toy, not a modular….

    Are you sure that preocupation with gear does not distract you from
    the overall musical intent?

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